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FUJI-MICRO 3700W Pure Sine Wave EFI Portable Camping Petrol Inverter Generator - F5200Ri Series II


Date listed: 14/9/2019

The Fuji-Micro F5200Ri is equipped with the latest technology and boasts an Exclusive Fuel Injection (EFI) system providing a wide range of remarkable benefits over conventional models. It generates optimal power, and achieves this with superior efficiency. It also ensures exceptional starting ability in any conditions, requires less ongoing maintenance and expels minimal exhaust gases!

Among the quietest generators on the market, the F5200Ri is as discreet as normal speech, producing a mere 58dB at a distance of seven metres. What’s more, it generates a 100% pure sine-wave current without surges, making it perfect for sensitive electronics such as computers and smart devices. If tipped over, the unit’s automatic shutdown kicks in, and for added peace-of-mind it has built in overload protection. There’s now no reason you can’t enjoy all the indoor conveniences in the great outdoors. 
The F5200Ri  is everything you need when it comes to portable, pure sine energy. It's powered by a mighty OHC 4-stroke engine providing a maximum 3700W output, while maintaining continuous 3200W with ease. It features two 240V power outlets, a dual USB socket and a DC 12V outlet for charging batteries. The ultra-compact design makes it perfect for a hassle free power solution in the outdoors, and with a huge 6.5L fuel tank it’s among the most economical and enduring generators available.

Order your very own Fuji-Micro F5200Ri Series II Inverter Generator today and start taking advantage of the comforts of camping with portable power!

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