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KEAMYA 40m Laser Distance Measurer Meter Range Finder Area Volume Digital


Date listed: 19/1/2019

When it comes to facilitating high accuracy and productivity, the KEAMYA KY1-40 Laser Distance Measurer is unrivalled. The KY-140 combines portability with pinpoint accuracy and a wide range of functions in a water and dust resistant anti-shock case, making it a must have in every tradesman’s or DIY Renovator’s tool kit.

The KY1-40 works up to an impressive distance of 40m, and it’s intuitive design which allows for measuring from the front or rear of the device, and simple controls allow for one-handed point and click  operation. It provides the versatility of the following measurement functions: Single, Min/Max Continuous Distance, Area, Volume, Pythagorean measurement) and offers the choice of unit (metre, inch, feet) on its large backlit LED display. And with its low power consumption, auto shut off function and battery level indication, it’ll be with you until completion of the job.

With all these features, you can be sure that the KEAMYA KY1-40 Laser Distance Meter measures up to your expectations.

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