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UNIMAC Coil Nail Gun Nailer 32-65mm Air Tool Decking Fencing Framing Industrial



The Unimac CB700 Pro-Series Air Coil Nailer has a rugged, compact and balanced body that houses up to 300 collated nails ranging between 32-65mm - making it the perfect workmate for your building, decking and fencing jobs! It boasts a solid cast metal body and internally, the driver blade is constructed of extremely tough heat-treated one piece hardened steel.

It comes packed with the features you come to expect from a high-quality Unimac product. The soft-grip rubber handle allows for comfortable non-slip use, there’s a quick hose attach system to its standard NPT fitting, and the adjustable depth control enables you to set the desired depth quickly and conveniently to suit the application. A touch-point safety mechanism prevents accidental firing, and the multi-directional exhaust port rotates 360° to direct the air away from you.

The CB700 Pro-Series is compatible with both wire and plastic collated nails in standard sizes that are available in general hardware stores. Downtime is minimised thanks to the generous 300 nail capacity and quick release nosepiece for those rare instances of a jam occurring.

Included with the CB700 is a bonus high-impact carrying case, complete with safety goggles, oil for lubrication as well as a coil of 50mm nails.

All in all, the Unimac CB700 Pro-Series is a nail gun designed for professional everyday use, and at at the same time suitable for DIYers.

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