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Nexgard Spectra Very Large Dog 2 X 6 Pack


Date listed: 8/5/2019

Nexgard Spectra Very Large Dog 2 X 6 Pack Pet: Dog Category: Dog Supplies Size: 0.4kg
Rich Description: Nexgard Spectra is a revolutionary new parasite prevention product which protects your dog from fleas ticks mites intestinal worms and heartworms for a full month.

Extensive protection against fleas mites ticks intestinal worms and heartworm
Rapidly kills fleas
Treats and controls paralysis ticks for a full month
Prevents heartworm disease
Treats and controls roundworms hookworms whipworms and the flea tapeworm
Treats and controls demodectic mange sarcoptic mange and ear mite infestations
Oral treatment not affected by bathing or swimming
Comes as a soft beefflavoured chew your dog will love

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