Maryborough is still Australia's fourth fattest town

WITH expanding waistlines and bigger bottoms, Maryborough has held on to its position as the fourth fattest town in Australia.

Maryborough first claimed the dubious honour last year after a study was conducted by the Public Health Information Development Unit, based at Adelaide University.

The knowledge has failed to inspire change, with Maryborough claiming fourth spot again in 2013 with 24.41% of people rated as obese.

Wide Bay Medicare Local GP Shaun Rudd said the escalating obesity crisis faced by Maryborough and other parts of the nation were a direct result of poor socio-economic circumstances faced in some regions.

More and more, medical professionals were finding that health had a postcode and that socio-economic conditions had a direct impact on health and wellbeing, Dr Rudd said.

Dr Rudd said compared to the high cost of buying good, fresh food, many people fell victim to the lure of fast food.

"People take the easy way out," he said.

"It's easier not to cook; it's easier not to exercise."

Dr Rudd said the solution that was needed was not a health solution.

He said it would be difficult to break the cycle because it would require a whole lifestyle change.

"It's all about exercising more and eating less, or eating better," he said.

Bundaberg claimed the number one spot on the list with 24.45% of people weighing in as obese.


Top 10 fattest towns in Australia

  • Bundaberg (Qld) 24.45
  • Kempsey (NSW) 24.41
  • Bowen (Qld) 24.41
  • Maryborough (Qld) 24.31
  • Lithgow (NSW) 24.20
  • Cessnock (NSW) 23.86
  • Nambucca (NSW) 23.80
  • Broken Hill (NSW) 23.79
  • Parkes (NSW) 23.66
  • Inverell (NSW) 23.33