SHE goes out dancing until 2am. Wakes up at 7:30 and heads into work - a bar in the French town of Isbergues near the Belgian border - where she's pulled beers for the locals since she was 14.

Her name is Marie-Louise Wirth. And she's 100 years old.

"How am I supposed to know why I'm like this?" she told AFP.

"Only God knows but he doesn't speak to me!"

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Wirth, or Marie-Lou as she is affectionally known to the local, began working in the bar for her father in 1931.

When he died in 1954, she took over the establishment. She was 37.

She says there is no big secret to her longevity but a lust for life.

"I'm a daredevil!" Wirth said. "There's no point living to do nothing and see nothing."

But she sadly did admit to one major drawback of becoming ingrained in the lives of her community: "I've buried a lot of them".