SUNWATER will immediately undertake $10 million of dam safety works to significantly improve the safety of Paradise Dam by strengthening the dam's dissipator slab.

Minister for Energy and Water Supply Mark McArdle said the recent concerns were identified during core drilling at the dam as part of SunWater's ongoing dam safety investigations.

The recent investigation was part of a safety review of the overall dam structure following the January 2013 flood event.

Mr McArdle said the work will address any concerns about damage to the dissipator slab that might be caused by extreme flood conditions.

"Our immediate focus will be on strengthening the dam's safety for the wet season. That is what the people of Bundaberg want us to do and that is what SunWater will be doing," he said.

Mr McArdle said since he was advised about these concerns last week, SunWater had moved quickly to expedite $10 million of works to provide greater immunity against a flood similar to the January 2013 event.

"SunWater advised me that drain holes in the dam's slab may contribute to a weakening of a layer of rolled compacted concrete within the dam's dissipator, which protects the underlying rock from being scoured away," he said.

"These works have commenced immediately and are scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

"The additional work required to strengthen the dissipator slab is not related to recent repair work.

"Interim repairs to date have focused on reconstructing the dissipator and dissipator sill wall and are on track for completion by 1 November 2013."

SunWater took on the ownership of Paradise Dam following its completion in December 2005.