Today's storms rolling in - photo taken from Cootharaba Road.
Today's storms rolling in - photo taken from Cootharaba Road.

135mm: When the rain will lash Gympie region again

WHILE Gympie itself may have only recorded 75mm since last Saturday, some parts of the region, like Bauple, have received 100mm or more, Imbil receiving about 135mm.

Sexton has had 111mm since last weekend, Miva 96mm, Tiaro 103mm and Goomboorian just 70mm.

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Such is the “hit and miss” nature of storm rain, but nobody is complaining after 18 months of below average rainfall. For many, Wednesday brought the best falls.

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The rain has been welcomed by everybody, except possibly some of the wet volunteers handing out how to vote cars at pre-polling in Nash Street.

Kin Kin had 72mm on Wednesday, Boreen Point 52mm, Pie Creek 54mm, Kandanga 107mm, Pomona 108mm and Glenwood just 16mm according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

For many parts, Wednesday’s storms brought the biggest deluge, Double Island Point getting over 70mm, Kenilworth 83mm, Coolabine Creek 103mm, Borumba Dam 95mm, Tiaro 66mm

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And it has not slowed down the record number of people turning out early to vote ahead of Saturday’s main election day.

Grazier and election candidate Tony Perrett said his property out near Kilkivan had received about 62mm before Wednesday’s storms; Pie Creek had received more than 50mm up to Wednesday afternoon and then another 50+mm overnight.

Storm clouds approaching Gympie on October 28, photo taken from Normanby Bridge.
Storm clouds approaching Gympie on October 28, photo taken from Normanby Bridge.

Thankfully, the destructive wind and hail has been minimal, sparing crops and rooves.

Drought-affected residents, farmers and business owners are rejoicing, but more rain is needed.

“There is very little surface water around (water in creeks and dmas),” Mr Perrett said. “This rain has softened the surface a bit but we need some more heavy rain.”

More showers and a possible storm could be on the cards for the region again today, with a 50 per cent chance of rain, according to the Bureau.

Friday should be fine but the chance of a late storm will be back on the cards on election day and Sunday, before partly cloudy conditions settle in for the start of the week.

Widespread, prolonged drought across Australia has left the national cattle herd low, and cattle prices and fodder costs are subsequently high.

The replenish fodder, hay and grain stocks, and rebuild the national herd, the country needs two to three years of above average rainfall; something that has not happened for at least seven years.

Luke Van Zutphen from Kenilworth Rural Supplies said the Mary River had been looking “sad” and close to dry in some stretches, and there were reports that it had even stopped flowing in some spots..

Mr Van Zutphen said it had been months since any decent rain was recorded.

Bur he said more than 80mm had fallen at his property since Saturday in a weather godsend.

“It was getting pretty dry, everything out here was,” Mr Van Zutphen said.

“People were telling us how close to the bottom of the tanks they were.

“They had to dig holes to catch some water.

“We got 80mm but plenty of people got more than 100mm.

“Just looking at the radar now it’s firing up near Cherbourg.

“At my place we had water running where I’d never seen it before. It was great.”

Joy Moran of Obi Obi Homestead was another celebrating Tuesday’s downpour.

She hadn’t checked the tanks but said more than 32mm fell on Saturday.

“We hadn’t had rain for months, and sorry for the farmer’s talk but we had s---loads,” Mrs Moran said.

Today's storms rolling in from Cootharaba Road
Today's storms rolling in from Cootharaba Road