11 DAYS ON: O'Dowd could call Flynn today, says he is proud of the Nationals

Welcome to day 11 of a cliff-hanger federal election result for Flynn.

Ken O'Dowd has his strongest lead yet with 933 votes separating him from Labor's Zac Beers.

Mr O'Dowd has taken a narrow lead, now accounting for 50.58% of the votes, to Mr Beers' 49.42%.

We will bring you the latest results and reaction over today and the coming days as the next member for Flynn is decided.  


UPDATE Tuesday 9.34am:

A FURTHER 3000 ballots are expected to be counted today which could bring about a result for the seat of Flynn.

It is expected that almost all of the remaining postal votes and absentee pre-poll votes would be counted today.

As the coalition's Ken O'Dowd currently sits 933 votes clear of Labor's Zac Beers, Mr O'Dowd could increase his lead by 446 votes if he continues his trend of winning 64% of the postal votes.

Mr Beers could make up some ground if he continues to win 54% of the absentee votes but would need that percentage to increase if he still wanted a fighting chance to win the seat.

UPDATE 7.30am Tuesday:

Mr O'Dowd holds the lead by 933 votes with 1848 absentee, 733 provisional, 1703 declaration and 1593 postal votes still to be counted.

Yesterday, Mr O'Dowd started 391 votes ahead of Mr Beers and increased his lead by 20 after 450 declaration pre-poll votes were counted. Mr O'Dowd received 52.4% of those.

In the afternoon 1600 postal votes were put into the Australia Electoral Commission system bumping Mr O'Dowd's lead to more than 1% of the electorate.

This moved Flynn out of AEC's 'close seat' classification.

If the trend continues Mr O'Dowd should make more ground over the coming days with him already receiving 64% of the postal votes and 52.4% of the declaration votes.

The only glimmer of hope for Mr Beers now are the absentee votes.

There are 1848 absentee votes to be counted and of the 1600 already counted, Mr Beers has received 54.64% of them.

He would need to improve on that percentage to win but with the election falling on school holidays, people inside the Labor camp could be hoping that Gladstone voters --- Labor's stronghold in Flynn --- voted while they were away.

But yesterday, Mr O'Dowd said he was confident he would win off the back of postals.

"If we keep tracking this way I should be OK... maybe we will see how we go at the finish of counting (today)," he said.

4pm Monday:

FLYNN is no longer classified as a 'close seat' but it's still too close to claim victory.

Today's postal vote numbers have tipped the seat of Flynn out of Australian Electoral Commission's 'close seat' category.

Mr O'Dowd now leads Labor candidate Zac Beers by 902 votes and is 1.14% ahead of him with 83.95% of the electorate counted.

Of the 1600 postal votes counted today Mr O'Dowd received more than 64% to add an extra 491 to his lead on Mr Beers.

Mr O'Dowd said he was confident he would return to Canberra but didn't claim victory with 5377 votes still be counted.

UPDATE Monday 12.35pm:

SITTING member for Flynn Ken O'Dowd has gained a further 20 votes over Labor candidate Zac Beers as 450 declaration pre-poll votes were counted today.

Mr O'Dowd's lead is now 411 and his percentage lead is 0.54%.

Of the 450 declaration votes counted today Mr O'Dowd received 52.4% of them.

There are still 5397 votes to be counted.

UPDATE Monday 10am:

THE result of Flynn won't be decided for another few days unless the Coalition or Labor announces defeat.

With another 2400 votes to be counted today of the remaining 6000 it is unlikely either candidate Ken O'Dowd or Zac Beers will win enough votes to have an unassailable lead.

There are 1600 postal votes to be counted from which the Coalition's Mr O'Dowd is expected to extend his lead of 391 to 834.

There are also 800 absent pre-poll votes expected to be counted today.

Scrutineers on the ground report that these votes are going 54% to 46% in favour of Mr O'Dowd so far with about 200 counted.

If that continues Mr O'Dowd would pick up another 64 votes taking his lead to 898.

UPDATE Sunday 4.30pm:

KEN O'Dowd's lead over Zac Beers has grown stronger, with now a margin of 391 votes separating the Coalition and Labor candidates.

In the latest update from the Australian Electoral Commission the support from postal votes for Mr O'Dowd has continued.

He has claimed 63.54% of the postal votes to Mr Beers' 36.46%.

>> Close and familiar race in the seat for Flynn

Former Labor federal member for Flynn Chris Trevor said this could be a case of history repeating.

He said this election mirrored that of 2007, when we waited 14 days to find out who our federal member would be.

""This is a very harrowing time for the two Flynn candidates," Mr Trevor, now a Gladstone councillor said.

"The emotions are difficult to deal with, in the sense that after an exhausted campaign you start to see the efforts of you and your team dissipate as the days go on," he said.

"It's a rough ride and being so close it's hard on the candidates, their families and for Ken his staff," he said.

"There's going to be joy and there's going to be tears, because someone has to lose and both of these candidates have run very good, solid campaigns."

UPDATE Saturday 5.45pm:

SITTING member Ken O'Dowd has taken a lead of 266 votes over Labor's Zac Beers.

Yesterday the pair had just seven votes between them, but now, as more postal and absentee votes come in, Mr O'Dowd has taken a stronger lead.

Mr O'Dowd currently has 38,557 votes to Mr Beers' 38,296.

There is still 3,051 postal and 1,250 absentee votes to be counted.

UPDATE Saturday 3.30pm: 

LNP candidate Ken O'Dowd has taken the lead from Labor's Zac Beers in the latest count for the seat for Flynn.

Mr O'Dowd is now 59 votes ahead of Mr Beers, as postal votes continue to be counted.

There has been 8400 postal votes counted, with 3842 left.

Today 851 absentee votes were also counted.

This now places O'Dowd with 50.04% of the vote, and Mr Beers at 49.96%.

UPDATE Friday 2.40pm:

OF THE 74,000 votes that have been counted in the seat of Flynn only seven separate the Coalition's Ken O'Dowd and Labor's Zac Beers.

After 2000 postals votes were counted today Mr O'Dowd has pulled back 665 votes from Mr Beers.

That means with 4640 postal, 1728 absentee and 633 declaration votes still to be counted both candidates sit on 50% of the votes counted.

Mr O'Dowd has been taking the majority of the postal votes so far with 63.93%.

If that continues he would finish 1674 votes ahead of Mr Beers once all of the postal votes had been counted.

None of the absentee or declaration votes have been counted so it is unknown which way they will fall but in the 2013 election Mr O'Dowd received 57.19% and 55.76% respectively.

UPDATE Friday 12.40pm:

THE Australian Electoral Commission will count 2000 Flynn votes today as the battle between the Coalition's Ken O'Dowd and Labor's Zac Beers heats up.

It is expected that 2000 postal votes will be counted today.

Over the last three days the commission has been counting postal votes which has been going to Mr O'Dowd by 62.78%.

It has allowed Mr O'Dowd to claw back the lead Mr Beers had from election day with less than a percent now dividing them.

The result from today's count is expected to be released this afternoon.

UPDATE Thursday 5pm:

KEN O'Dowd is only 662 votes behind Zac Beers with 76.75% of the votes from the Flynn electorate now accounted for.

The Australian Electoral Commission staff have just entered the votes from about 2000 postals that were counted today.

Mr O'Dowd claimed most of them as he continues to receive 62.78% of the postal votes.

Labor's Mr Beers still leads the contest for Flynn, but only by 0.92%.

With 6412 postal votes still to be counted Mr O'Dowd is expected to take the lead within the coming days.

UPDATE Thursday 2pm:

ZAC Beers has extended his lead over Ken O'Dowd today as the 'recheck' of votes is being completed by Australian Electoral Commission staff.

The AEC supervisor at the old Reef City Motors building made it clear that it is a 'recheck' and definitely not a 'recount'.

The recheck has extended Labor's candidate for Flynn Mr Beers by 102 votes to 1167.

It has given Mr Beers a 0.16% increase over the Coalitions Mr O'Dowd.

UPDATE Thursday 12.30pm:

LABOR or Liberal, it doesn't matter who wins the election or who wins the seat of Flynn, Gladstone will benefit according to mayor Matt Burnett.

Labor candidate Zac Beers promised $80 million for the Port Access Road and $5 million for the Philip St Community Precinct.

The Coalition candidate Ken O'Dowd promised, $130 million for the Rookwood Weir, $20 million to widen Philip St, $610,000 for sporting clubs and $10 million for CQUniversity upgrade.

"The Gladstone region is going to do well provided they keep their promises," he said.

"Even if we have Zac and a Liberal government or Ken and a Labor government they need to honour their promises."

He said the promises weren't just plucked out of the air but were campaigned for by the council.

He even mentioned councillor Cindi Bush who had worked hard to secure the $10 million funding committment from the Coalition for the CQUniversity upgrade.

He also noted this paper's campaign for a funding committment from the two candidates before the election.

One thing is for sure, the work won't stop for the winner of Flynn once the result is called.

"We're lobbying for more money and won't stop lobbying," he said.

"I've told (Ken and Zac) to lobby for the electorate right up to the day the polling booths closed and every day after when they're in Canberra."

UPDATE Thursday 10.30am:

LABOR candidate Zac Beers' lead over the Coalition's Ken O'Dowd is expected to diminish further today as 2000 postal votes are counted.

The Australian Electoral Commission office on Toolooa St had a total of 11,731 postal votes at the last count yesterday afternoon.

The old Reef City Motors car yard is packed again as the Australian Electoral Commission count the votes that will decide the Flynn electorate.
The old Reef City Motors car yard is packed again as the Australian Electoral Commission count the votes that will decide the Flynn electorate. Campbell Gellie

And with up to 400 postal votes arriving yesterday the Flynn result could take another week.

Currently Mr Beers has a 1,065 vote lead over Mr O'Dowd but with all of the pre-poll and election day votes counted Mr O'dowd has been making ground on his Labor rival.

Of the 3,596 postal votes that have already been counted, Mr O'Dowd has recieved 64.17% of the votes.

UPDATE Thursday 7.40am:

The all important counting of the Flynn electorate will start again today with a further 9030 votes yet to be counted.

The Coalition has sent up Queensland senator and attorney-general George Brandis to take part in the scrutineering.

UPDATE Wednesday 6.46pm:

THE battle for Flynn is getting closer with Ken O'Dowd gaining more ground today with 759 more votes than Zac Beers in this afternoon's count of 2796 postals.

The difference in the election is Labor's Mr Beers is on 35,956 and the Coalitions Mr O'Dowd on 34,891 making the margin between them 1065, 1.5%.

It has been a nail-biting day for the Flynn result with almost 3600 postal votes being counted and Mr O'Dowd claiming 64.17% of those.

The Australian Electoral Commission still has a further 8131 postal votes to count for the seat.

But if Mr O'Dowd continues tracking at 64% with those postals he will take the lead by 1225 votes over Mr Beers with just the absent, declaration and provisional votes which is expected to be about 1000 left to count.


THE ongoing battle for Flynn has finally been realised by the rest of the nation after it was called a Labor seat on Saturday.

From 9 on election night political commentators were saying sitting Coalition member Ken O'Dowd had won his spot on the 45th Parliament of Australia, it was even tweeted by Channel 7 which has since deleted the tweet.

But once the Gladstone pre-polls were counted Labor candidate Zac Beers had streaked ahead with a 3.6% margin in the two candidate preferred results.

It was at this stage most commentators called the seat a Labor gain and it hasn't featured in the national coverage since.

But today one of the leading election analysts, ABC's Antony Green has come out saying Flynn could change from 'decided' to 'undecided'.

He has based this off feedback from scrutineers at the Australian Electoral Commission's office at the old Reef City Motors building on Toolooa St.

Scrutineers are reporting there has been a large number of postal votes coming in for Mr O'Dowd as shown by the first 800 counted, which 500 went to Mr O'Dowd.

The push for Mr O'Dowd hasn't been significant enough to change how the AEC classify the result in Flynn.

Flynn doesn't feature on either the 'close seats' or 'undecided seats'.

A spokeswoman for AEC has clarified that the terms are used when the two candidate preference results are within 1% when more than 5% of the electorate has been counted.

Because the margin is still 2.68% in favour of Mr Beers the seat is classified as 'Labor leading'.


THE owner of a post office in the small town of Willows Gemfields on the western corner of the Flynn electorate, Dave Lee, had the task of distributing the postal votes to people and sending the completed ones back to the Australian Electoral Commission.

Dave said since the polling booth was taken away from the small town this election almost all of the 80 people who live in the town voted by postal votes.

He said of these people the majority would vote for sitting Coalition member Ken O'Dowd.

"We have got a lot of property owners out here that would go his way," he said.

"People in the town know him personally. Ken has come out here a few times and you don't see anyone else out here."

UPDATE Midday:

A FURTHER 3000 postal votes are expected to be counted today at the old Reef City Motors building on Toolooa St.

With Labor candidate Zac Beers sitting 1824 votes ahead of sitting Coalition member Ken O'Dowd the election result won't be known after these votes are counted.

A small sample of 800 postals have already been counted with Mr O'Dowd picking up 65.27% of them.

If that trend continues with the postal votes counted today, the two candidates would be 516 votes apart with Mr Beers still in front.

UPDATE 8.30am:

KEN O'Dowd has bridged the gap against Zac Beers by 234 votes as the first 800 postal votes have been counted.

Sitting Liberal National Party member for Flynn Mr O'Dowd picked up 374 or 48.83% of the postal votes counted so far compared to Mr Beers' 166 or 21.67% who still leads by 1824 votes.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party candidate Phil Baker continued his strong performance claiming 127 or 16.58%.

But once preferences were counted Mr O'Dowd took 500 votes, or 65.27% of the postals.

If he can continue that percentage across the rest of the 10,238 yet to be counted he would take the lead by 1302.

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>>Confusion reigns in Gladstone's election result cliffhanger

Sunday 3.45pm: 

KEN O'Dowd would need a massive swing of more than -10.24% in the postal, pre-poll, absent and provisional vote to lose his seat of Flynn.

LATEST | Punters to win 'thousands' of dollars if Gladstone's Zac Beers wins

To make up the 2058 votes he needs to catch Zac Beers, he only needs 53.54% of the vote, or 14,595 votes, of the 28,997 votes which are yet to be counted.

But assuming the trend, where 6.43% of votes are informal only 27,132.5 votes would be counted.

In this case, Mr O'Dowd needs to win a marginally larger portion of the votes at 53.79%, or 14,596 votes.

This would represent a 9.99% swing which teeters dangerously close to a devastating -8.06% swing against the incumbent.

Postal, pre-poll, absent, and provisional votes are particularly volatile, with an increase this year to is a mammoth 28,997 votes, from just 16,894 at the last election.

Ken O'Dowd's camp aren't responding to a request for comment.

But in a statement, Mr O'Dowd said, "as the extremely close count for the seat continues, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank my large support network across Flynn."

"My family, friends, volunteers, and staff have put in a tremendous effort.

"Counting remains extremely close and Flynn is too close to call at this stage."

UPDATE 8:03pm: 

FLYNN'S hospital bed-ridden voters are sick and tired of Ken O'Dowd or the current government, with a clear majority voting for a change to Labor's Zac Beers.

In a possible sign that Labor's Medicare scare campaign rubbed off with voters in hospital, sitting LNP member Mr O'Dowd suffered a sore -7.26% swing with bed-bound patients in the Gladstone region.

Of the 146 voters in the hospitals around Gladstone, 66 voted for Zac Beers compared with 46 for Mr O'Dowd. But after preferences, Mr Beers gathered 89 against Mr O'Dowd's 57.

In further evidence that One Nation is causing the incumbent Mr O'Dowd grief, Mr O'Dowd won just 11 preferences, despite One Nation's candidate Phil Baker gathering 16 votes in the tiny cohort.

The party, on the far right of the political spectrum, allows its voters to choose its preferences, meaning some of its voters' preference Labor ahead of the LNP.

Die-hard Biloela and Emerald LNP voters are staying loyal to Mr O'Dowd until the end, with a majority of the 78 voters (58.54% and 64.86% respectively) backing Mr O'Dowd.

UPDATE 4.55pm: 

KEN O'Dowd continues to suffer the effects of a large anti-LNP swing in the Flynn electorate, with the incumbent most recently hit by results released this afternoon for the Gayndah booth.


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>>Confusion reigns in Gladstone's election result cliffhanger

It's an area he would have considered a strong-hold, but Mr O'Dowd suffered a 3.29% swing against him among voters at the booth, gathering 62.37% of the 752 votes.

That's down from last election where he gathered 64.74% of the vote.

He was hit with an enormous -13.25% swing among the 511 voters who cast their ballot before election day, however, winning just 62.23% of Gayndah's pre-poll vote.

Mr O'Dowd's majority on the two candidate preferred means he has inched slightly closer to Labor's Zac Beers, now trailing him 48.7% to 51.53%.

The Gayndah pre-poll result was returned at 3.31pm this afternoon. 

UPDATE 3.28pm: 

REMOTE polling booths across the Flynn electorate that were closed down after the last election could provide an indication of where some of the all-crucial postal votes are likely to come from.

Which way voters at these booths voted could also provide an early indication of who will come out on top in this election.

The AEC has counted 70.6% of votes in Flynn, with the postal votes, pre-poll at Gayndah, and 'interstate pre-poll' at Gin Gin, Agnes Water, Biloela yet to come in.

Based on previous elections, the interstate pre-poll will be insignificant, with last year's three interstate polls -- Biloela, Blackwater and Moura -- receiving no votes.

It means Gayndah's pre-polling results and postal votes are likely to decide the winner.

Last election, 1541 voters cast a ballot at Gayndah and the booths which no longer exist, meaning the voting trends of these voters provide a key insight into what we can expect from a large portion of the remaining uncounted vote.

If voters at Dingo, Westwood, and Goovigen opted for postal votes after the loss of their booths, more postal votes are likely to fall in favour of Mr O'Dowd.

Dingo, Westwood, and Goovigen voters were ardent supporters of Mr O'Dowd or candidates who preference him over Labor, with 74.51%, 68.1%, and 75.4% of the votes from these booths going to the LNP last election respectively.

But these booths had just 337 voters in total last election.

Duncan Scott, an independent who made the loss of these booths a central issue in his campaign, said the sentiment at these and nearby towns yesterday was favourable to One Nation candidate Phil Baker. 

Gayndah last year voted overwhelmingly in favour of Mr O'Dowd, with 64.74% of the 919 votes going to the LNP, while he also won 74.39% of the booth's 285 pre-poll votes.  

Last year postal votes also propped up Mr O'Dowd, with the incumbent cleaning up 69.18% of the 8980 votes on a two candidate preferred basis.

UPDATE 1.26pm:

THE magic figure for Mr O'Dowd to take back the seat of Flynn through postal votes is 63% which would see him claw back 2333 votes from Mr Beers. 

With the help of Gayndah and Gin Gin booths to come in which are expected to go Mr O'Dowd's way, he would win the seat if he can secure 63% of the postal votes.

Of the 10 Gladstone booths already counted Labor's Zac Beers picked up 45% of the two candidate preferred votes.

Mr Beer's took 15,105 votes in Gladstone compared to Mr O'Dowd's 8876.

Mr O'Dowd won the majority of his votes in the regional areas as expected, with 71% of his votes coming from outside of Gladstone.

In comparison Mr Beers received 55.3% of his votes from outside of Gladstone.

Mr O'Dowd currently trails Mr Beers by 2,333 votes but if his margin in regional areas continues with the 9518 postal votes still to be counted he would bridge the gap by 900 votes.

That would not be enough for him to win the seat.

But if he is able to secure 69% of the postal votes like he did last election he would gather thousands more than Mr Beers and enough to take the seat of Flynn.

UPDATE 11.45am:

SEEING the Gladstone pre-polling results come in before midnight was a good way to end election day for Labor candidate for Flynn Zac Beers but still not enough to call the result.

Labor candidate for Flynn Zac Beers is ahead but still won't call the result of Flynn

The Labor Party function at Gladstone Bowls Club was wrapped up just after the pre-polling results came in giving Mr Beers the two candidate preferred lead 51.79%- 48.21% over Liberal National Party candidate Ken O'Dowd.

Mr Beers was out this morning collecting corflutes from around the region in an attempt to keep busy while he waits for the counting to continue on Tuesday.

He said he predicted the Flynn electorate would be a close race and it would take a few days for the result to be finalised.

UPDATE 10.20am:

WHEN counting starts again on Tuesday all eyes will be on the result from the 9518 Flynn postal votes not yet tallied up.

As Labor candidate Zac Beers sits on top of Liberal National Party candidate Ken O'Dowd by 2333 votes, the postal votes will be the indication of who wins the seat. 

In the 2013 election, Mr O'Dowd won 69% of the 8980 postal votes against Labor candidate Chris Trevor.

This added 6212 votes to Mr O'Dowd while Mr Trevor secured 2,768.

If that trend continues in this election it would see Mr O'Dowd retain his seat.

But if the 8.32% swing towards Labor in Flynn continues with the postal votes it would see the difference bridged and Mr O'Dowd only claw back about 500 votes.

Currently, neither party has called the election and there is not expected to be a winner until the counting starts again on Tuesday.

UPDATE 7.30am:

Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett and Shelly Holzheimer watching the election last night: Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett and Shelly Holzheimer watching the election last night
Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett and Shelly Holzheimer watching the election last night: Gladstone mayor Matt Burnett and Shelly Holzheimer watching the election last night

WITH the preferences counted from the Gladstone pre-polling Labor candidate has swung around to take back the lead in the two candidate preferred vote over sitting Liberal National Party candidate Ken O'Dowd.

So far with 69% of the vote counted Mr Beers has a 51.79% of the TCP and Mr O'Dowd has 48.21%. 

If that's where the margin stays it shows a big swing towards Labor in this election as Mr O'Dowd held the seat by 6.5% last election. 

We won't find out who won the seat for a couple of days as the rest of the counting won't start again until Tuesday.

UPDATE 12.10pm:

THE pre-polling votes from Gladstone have been counted and Labor candidate Zac Beers leads sitting Liberal National Party member Ken O'Dowd by 815 first preference votes.

But Mr O'Dowd leads the two candidate preferred on the Australian Electoral Commission website 50.38%-49.62%.

With postal votes, Biloela pre-polling, Gin Gin pre-polling and Gayndah pre-polling still yet to come, it puts the National Party candidate in a strong position to keep his seat with many of his votes coming from rural areas. 

But with such a small margin between the two parties, Flynn is yet to be called.


UPDATE 11:15pm: 

NEITHER Labor's Zac Beers nor sitting LNP member Ken O'Dowd will call the result tonight, with both of the candidates wrapping up their parties for the night.

An hour ago, Mr O'Dowd said he was "a little bit tired and a little bit anxious" for his own seat and for the prospect of the Coalition winning Government with a majority.

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85 of the 92 polling booths have now been counted, with just pre-poll votes from Agnes Water Interstate, Biloela, Biloela interstate, BLV Flynn, Gin Gin, Gayndah, Gladstone, Taroom, and hospital votes left to count.

Both parties are expecting a huge number of pre-poll ballots, which will sway the vote.

12,342 voters cast their ballot at the Gladstone pre-poll alone. 

UPDATE 9:45pm: 

A MASSIVE 5.15% swing against Ken O'Dowd is both a reflection of Labor's campaign and dissatisfaction with Mr O'Dowd, according to Flynn hopeful Zac Beers.

"What it says is either two things: either we ran a really great campaign, or people are dissatisfied with Ken," he said. "To be honest, I think it's probably a combination of both."

"Certainly the feedback I got from across the electorate was there was a lot of disappointment with the level of activity from the incumbent member.

"Whether that's enough or not to get us a result at the end of the day, we'll see what happens."

Mr Beers said he'd always expected the result to be "slight", but "which way it lands, I don't know".

Zac Beers supporters' Shelly Holzheimer mayor Matt Burnett have their eyes firmly focused on the TV screen.
Zac Beers supporters' Shelly Holzheimer mayor Matt Burnett have their eyes firmly focused on the TV screen. Paul Braven

The 25-year-old Labor candidate said "I just hope we are lucky enough to come away with a win here", saying he expects the result will be declared tomorrow or Monday.

He said he would "hit the ground with boots running" if he wins. 

More to come.  

UPDATE 9.10pm: 

PRE-POLL could be the decider in the battle for Flynn, with sitting LNP member Ken O'Dowd and Labor's Zac Beers at locker heads.

Mr O'Dowd is currently just ahead of Mr Beers at 51.6% to 48.4%, but polling booths in Emerald, which have traditionally been Mr O'Dowd's stronghold, have already been counted.

They include Emerald North, Emerald PPVC, Emerald, and Emerald South.

Worryingly for Mr O'Dowd, there has been massive swings to Mr Beers at Gladstone booths.

Labor scrutineers said Mr Beers mustered 1055 votes at Kin Kora to Mr O'Dowd's 484, a swing of 571.

The scrutineers say overall, there is just a 100-vote difference between the pair.

Mr Beers also came out ahead of Mr O'Dowd at Chanel College 431 to 292.

Crucially, Clinton and Gladstone Central are yet to be counted, with the Zac Beers camping hoping the trend of swings seen across Gladstone will continue.

UPDATE 8.48: 

ONE Nation's Flynn candidate Phil Baker is holding onto his massive swing of 17.58%, with over 30% of the vote counted, according to the AEC.

We are still unsure where the votes are coming from, as the AEC is yet to release results of individual polling booths.

Ken O'Dowd camp: Labor is optimistic with crucial Gladstone polling booths yet to be counted.
Ken O'Dowd camp: Labor is optimistic with crucial Gladstone polling booths yet to be counted.

But it's still a two-man race for Flynn after the preference flow, with all of Mr Baker's votes effectively being passed onto Ken O'Dowd, who still has a much stronger primary vote of 36.23%.

It's put Mr O'Dowd just ahead of Labor's Zac Beers on the two-party preferred basis at 51.45% to 48.55%. 

UPDATE 7.56:

SITTING at his home with some friends and family in Childers, One Nation candidate for Flynn Phil Baker was chuffed to see how many votes he had been getting.

He said he didn't expect to have so a 17% swing at this stage but now he was sitting in third was still in the race.

He said people were sick of the major parties which was why he has starting to pick up many of these votes. 

UPDATE 7.32pm: 

FLYNN VOTERS have shown their disaffection with the major parties, with a 17.69% swing to One Nation candidate Phil Baker.

Ken O'Dowd has again pulled ahead of rival Zac Beers, leading 52.17% to 47.83 on a two-party preferred basis.

But Mr O'Dowd has suffered a -4.18% swing on the two-party preferred basis, while Mr Beers has so far won Labor a 4.18% wing.

It is still early in the count, with just 36 of the 92 polls counted. 

UPDATE 7.21pm: 

KEN O'Dowd is holding his election-night function at the Gladstone Turf Club after a long day of mingling with voters.

Mr O'Dowd has been to 13 polling booths today around Tannum, Gladstone and Gracemere.

Ken O'Dowd camp: Ken O'Dowd after-election party at the Gladstone Turf Club.
Ken O'Dowd camp: Ken O'Dowd after-election party at the Gladstone Turf Club.

UPDATE 6.59: 

LABOR candidate for Flynn Zac Beers has pulled ahead of LNP sitting member Ken O'Dowd, with a 15.49% swing in Mr Beers' favour.

The latest results come as the AEC finishes counting eight of Flynn's 92 polling booths, including Ambrose, Yarwun, Bororen, Capella, Mundaberra, Rolleston, Stanwell, and Ubobo.

Mr Beers is currently on 58.96%, ahead of Mr O'Dowd on 41.04%.

But it's still only early, with just 2,829 of the votes counted, whereas Flynn has 100,660 enrolled voters.

UPDATE: 6.46pm: 

KEN O'DOWD is ahead of Zac Beers 56.3% to 43.7% on a two-party preferred basis after the first polling booth was returned at 6.28pm this evening.

Yarwun voters have backed Mr O'Dowd to continue representing Flynn, with 124 of 269 votes counted going to Mr O'Dowd.

But 11 of the 280 votes cast at the Yarwun State School booth were invalid, or "informal", as they hadn't been completed appropriately.

UPDATE 6.20pm: 

LABOR candidate for Flynn Zac Beers has reassured voters that if Labor wins government, but he bows out, the electorate will get everything he and Labor promised.

"Absolutely, we will deliver on our promises," he said. "It's not about politics (for Labor). It's about looking after people."

"That's where we differ from the LNP -- they deliver projects where their local members get elected."

But Mr Beers said the race for Flynn is still "too tight" to call.

"I think it will be a close race," he said. "Whether we get over the line or not is a different story."

Mr Beers said Labor hadn't done any internal polling in the Flynn electorate during the campaign, saying "the issues we focused on were issues that we knew were important to people through talking to them".

The 25-year-old said he hadn't thought about what he would do if he loses the race, saying "my focus has firmly been on what happens today and if we get in, I intend to hit the ground running".  

He said his only regret at the end of the marathon eight-week election campaign is he didn't have more time "to get out and talk to more people".

Mr Beers is currently throwing a "thank you" party for his volunteers.  

UPDATE 5.20pm: 

SINCE the dawn of democracy, local politicians have used the "street walk" to feel out the sentiment of their electorate.

But if the views of voters at Gladstone polling booths is representative of opinions across the Flynn electorate, politicians aren't in the good-books.

One local woman at a polling booth said, "I don't really care [who wins] because I'm not interested in politics", while another voter said the Federal election would mean little more than a waste of trees to print the ballot papers, as the politicians wouldn't keep their promises.

"A majority of what they're saying we won't get," he said.

Gladstone votes in the federal election: Gladstone voters on what matters this Federal election.
Gladstone votes in the federal election: Gladstone voters on what matters this Federal election.

Some locals came to booths more prepared, with one local man saying he would vote for "stability in Government" after a six-year period where both major parties chewed through five prime ministerships.

"We need to get our act together and get on with the job of building our economy, and getting our country back on the straight and narrow," he said.

Another local woman was particularly pessimistic with her choices on the ballot paper, saying politicians are all about "celebrity", "power" and "money these days.

"We need someone to run a country … (but) it feels like who we put in or what we do, it's just greed and power," she said. "It's sad. It really is."

But one local mum with two kids and a partner said she was only voting on one issue, "Medicare"

"That's what matters to me the most," she said. 

UPDATE 4.30pm:

AN AEC VOLUNTEER manning Gladstone's Chanel College polling booth who has volunteered to help run elections for eighteen years, or six election, said it's unusually quiet this year.

Michelle Bradshaw said last election there was many more, with busloads of FIFO workers flocked to the Chanel College booths.

But she said fewer workers and school holidays were probably behind the quiet year.

Just 556 people had voted at the Chanel College booth by 2pm.

LISTEN | AEC volunteer Michelle Bradshaw from the polling booths


FLYNN'S UNDERDOG Labor candidate Zac Beers is expecting the battle for the seat to come down to a "tight race". 

The 25-year-old has focused on wooing voters at polling booths at Boyne Island and Tannum Sands this morning before heading to Gladstone this afternoon.

"Which direction it's heading in, who knows? It's going to be a tight race," he said.

>>WHERE TO VOTE: Polling booths in the Gladstone region



Whoever wins, Mr Beers said he's "valued every minute of" shaping the debate over the marathon election campaign, saying, "it's been a long eight weeks but there's some very big issues at stake this election".

"I don't think there's ever enough time when you are talking about some of the issues at stake during this election, like Medicare."

Flynn's LNP sitting member Ken O'Dowd spent the morning in Gladstone, mingling with media and voters at Chanel College this morning, before he left for Gracemere this afternoon.