Warren Polley has beaten Bob Leitch for the Division 7 seat by 24 votes.
Warren Polley has beaten Bob Leitch for the Division 7 seat by 24 votes.

24 votes seals fate of last undecided council seat

SOUTHSIDE residents will be represented by Warren Polley for the next four years after the businessman defeated deputy mayor Bob Leitch for the seat.

Mr Polley reportedly won the seat by 24 votes following today's preference count, ending a fight which was this week only five votes apart.

"I'm delighted and relieved, obviously," Mr Polley said.


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And a "little lost for words" when he was told of the outcome.

Now came the challenge of the task ahead, one made more challenging by the pandemic and keep Gympie from being swallowed up by the wave.

Warren Polley.
Warren Polley.

"We need to paddle like anything to get over the front edge and ride it," he said.

With his own background in business, he was under no illusion of how hard it would be in the coming months.

"Like a ship, it doesn't turn around quickly and easily."

Part of the challenge was not knowing exactly what the lay of the land was within the council itself.

"We're going to have to analyse and assess it," he said.


"We need to get in there, see where we're at, pick some of the low-hanging fruit and go."

He was also pleased with the efforts put forward by the other Division 7 candidates throughout the election.

"Congratulations to Donna (Reardon) and Bob (Leitch) for the campaigns they ran," he said.

"I really like him (Bob Leitch) and I like the work he'd done.

"That doesn't mean I'm not happy to have the job."