$60,000 APP? An Imbil letter writer is questioning the $25 levy 2400 ratepayers are being charged so plumbers can enter information directly to the council database from on site.
$60,000 APP? An Imbil letter writer is questioning the $25 levy 2400 ratepayers are being charged so plumbers can enter information directly to the council database from on site. Hu jianhuang

$25 council app levy - where will it all end?


I HAVE been advised by Gympie Regional Council that I will be charged $25 per year as they want to have a new app so that plumbers can enter information on the service of waste water treatment plants directly to the council database from on site.

This will also occur for over 2400 ratepayers.

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I have written to council and was advised that they could no longer sustain the charge from the general rate pool and were to recover the cost from property owners with a treatment plant.

Council is to collect over $60,000 per year from this charge.

It is unbelievable that an app could cost over $60,000 per year.

Either council has paid too much for the app or they are making money on it. For that amount of money, council could employ a data entry person, (and get change) who would enter the data and still have time to perform other tasks.


Gympie Regional Council bring down their first budget under Mayor Mick Curran.   Mayor Mick Curran addressing council.    Photo Greg Miller / Gympie Times
CEO Bernard Smith and Gympie council Mayor Mick Curran. Greg Miller

A review of council's 2016/17 annual budget reveals total revenue of $96 million and an operating result of nearly $1.5 million. They can't fund $60,000?

I have no problem with the council purchasing an app for the waste water treatment system but they can pay for it. If they can't afford it in the budget, then they miss out. That is how budgets work. If I want a new car but can't afford it, I go without.

Are we going to a user pays system? You wouldn't want to live in Gympie if that happened to the aquatic centre.

Although it is only $25 per year, it is the principle of the matter.

What will this apply to next?

BUDGET BREAKDOWN: When the new charges were announced

What new toy will council decide they want that has not been budgeted for?

Have a look at your next rate bill and see how much is added on in levies. Do you know what those levies are for and how they are used? If not, ask your local councillor.

This charge for the waste water treatment plants should be borne by council and not selective ratepayers.

Terry Kennedy,





I AM hoping one or more of your readers may have recorded the preparation, and the planting, of the two relocated trees in the new Smithfield St precinct.


Megan (left) and Diane Spencer take a break to enjoy the first stage of the Smithfield St upgrade.
Megan (left) and Diane Spencer take a break to enjoy the first stage of the Smithfield St upgrade. Scott Kovacevic

I have a friend in Sydney who was interested in the remodelling method of this area. If either a shopkeeper, council worker involved in the operation, or a bystander, took photos I would be interested, if willing to share, to have copies.

READ MORE: Business loves first stage of the upgrade

They could be forwarded to my email account magpie@spiderweb.com.au.

I would appreciate your help.

G. Penrose,



YESTERDAY I was shocked to find out after being pulled over by two very polite and caring constables that my car was three weeks out of registration and duly fined just under $300.

I have eight vehicles registered in Queensland I called Main Roads and said I didn't receive a renewal notice.

After conveying that he didn't care and it would never be their fault he informed me another vehicle was due eight days after the first and it too was now unregistered.

I asked is that not odd that I had not received these notices. He again dismissed and said they were not at fault.

Today, a friend visited and my wife was telling our story when she said the same thing happened to her less than a month ago. Her hubby and son in her car were shocked to receive a fine for unregistered driving. They too had not received their renewal, (had a) similar phone call with total disregard and zero empathy.

How many others have not received renewal, it can't be just coincidence.

Am I smelling a rat, what with late fees and fines quite a nice little earn for a struggling government maybe, or computer glitch?

If it is happening to others please reply and maybe we can have costs refunded?

Rob Burns,

East Deep Creek.


RACING Queensland may have a new board and a new CEO but they lack the direction and leadership that have been the hallmark of the racing control body - ever since the LNP board and CEO were unfairly dismissed last June - remain in place.


All the action at the Gympie Turf Club. April 9, 2016. Race number 5.Photo David Crossley / Gympie Times
The Gympie Turf Club is very active in the Gympie region sporting and social scene. David Crossley

The recent debacle over the introduction of a Minimum Bet Limit and Racing Queensland's inability to get a deal done and loop in the corporate bookmakers have highlighted the fact that our racing industry is being ripped off and nobody is doing anything about it.

In fact, the policies of Racing Queensland and Labor are creating the problem.

The blame game between Racing Queensland and Labor's Racing Minister Grace Grace shows that neither is willing to stand up and make decisions that are in the best of interests of Queensland punters, owners, trainers and jockeys.

Victoria and New South Wales managed to deal with the Minimum Bet Limit issue but it seems all too hard and we are going backwards as a result.

Labor has no plan to grow the industry, no plan to improve confidence and restore certainty and no plan to build infrastructure, while a $53 million Racing Infrastructure Fund sits idle.

It's time to get our industry going and the only way that will happen is for the Palaszczuk Labor Government and Racing Queensland to join the same page and stop the blame game.

Jon Krause,

Shadow Minister for Racing.

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