Gladstone regional council plans for the Boyne Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade.
Gladstone regional council plans for the Boyne Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade. Contributed

$3.1m contract for waste plant upgrade up for grabs

GLADSTONE Regional council is seeking tenders on the $3.1 million Boyne Sewage Treatment Plant upgrade.

A council spokesperson said the project aimed to address the current deficiencies and provide a reliable and robust dewatering facility for the long-term future.

"(It aims) to improve sludge dewatering efficiency, to minimise operator attendance requirements and ensure the Waste Water Treatment Plant continues to operate in accordance with the parameters of all relevant environmental legislation," they said.

The Boyne Island Sewage Treatment Plant is located off Turtle Way, Boyne Island and is owned and operated by Gladstone Regional Council.

The existing treatment plant consists of inlet works, oxidation ditch, clarifier, effluent storage lagoon, wet weather overflow storage lagoon, effluent pump station, sodium hypochlorite dosing system and sludge dewatering system. Effluent pumps discharge treated and disinfected effluent to Dennis Park/Red Mud Dam.

The existing sludge de watering infrastructure includes Waste Activated Sludge pumps, feed pumps, Belt Filter Press and polymer dosing system.

The council seeks to provide a new sludge handling facility that will improve the performance and reliability of the existing dewatering system and to provide additional dewatering capacity.

The project is scheduled to begin in October with an approximate duration of nine months, with a briefing session being held todayat 10am at the council Calliope office.

The council also offers a preference to local vendors and locally sourced products and resources.

The tender closes at 2pm on August 27. To apply visit