The man was in court for breaching a suspended sentence. Generic photo.
The man was in court for breaching a suspended sentence. Generic photo.

31yo busted flushing meth down toilet during raid

A 31-YEAR-OLD man who was busted for flushing meth down a toilet during a police search had his parole extended in Gympie District Court yesterday.

The man was charged with breaching a suspended prison sentence, after a police raid on his property last year uncovered more than 200g of marijuana and a clipseal bag of meth weighing 2.8g (including weight of the bag).


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He also admitted to flushing 1g of meth down a toilet to prevent police from finding it.

He claimed the meth did not belong to him but was charged with possession.

He was also charged with possession of marijuana, and possession of utensils including a glass pipe, scales and water pipes that were found in the search.

The man was on a suspended prison sentence of two years from August 2018 on previous charges, and was charged with breaching this sentence.

He faced Maryborough Magistrates Court on March 10 for the drug charges, and was released on parole until September this year.

The court heard the man was a stay-at-home father to two children aged 4 and 2, and his partner worked full-time.

Defence lawyer Chris Anderson said the man had taken steps to "rid drugs from his life" and had undertaken drug testing twice in February and once in July.

Judge Long sentenced him to one year on parole, to be released on July 14 2021.