BIG BUSINESS: Andrew Corbet with one his new road trains, which is one-third the length of a football field.
BIG BUSINESS: Andrew Corbet with one his new road trains, which is one-third the length of a football field. Aaron Collins

33-metre road trains to haul between Gympie and Brisbane

ALREADY a big name in business, Corbet's Group now has a big presence on the roads too - literally, thanks to a new fleet of 33m road trains.

The Gympie business is the first in Queensland to be given permission to run the A-double road trains on the Bruce Highway to Brisbane and back.

Like all big efforts, getting the green light to run the trucks was not easy and took a lot of hoop jumping, owner Andrew Corbet said,

"It's taken us nearly two years of effort with the State and Federal Governments," Mr Corbet said.


Corbet Group to relocate their entire operation to a site just west of the highway south of Kybong.   Andrew
Andrew Corbet. Greg Miller

"They want to see more of them on the road."

While the trucks might be an imposing presence up close, Mr Corbet said putting them into service would improve safety.

"It's all about getting trucks off the roads," he said.


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"The least amount of trips we can do, the better it is for everyone."

And there was an economic benefit too.

"It's all about opening up the Gympie region," he said.


Mr Corbet said the trucks would not have been able to run if the highway south had not been upgraded; and with gears now moving on the Section D bypass, he said, it was only a matter of time until the company could start sending them north as well.

They can move a lot, too.

Still on trial at the moment the A-double can carry 79 tonnes, 15 more than a B-double.

If the trial is successful that will increase by another five tonnes.

The trucks will make two trips to Brisbane every day, with the first pulling out of the depot at 10am yesterday.

They would be housed at the company's Mary Valley Link Rd site, and Mr Corbet hoped the fleet would expand over the next year.

He said it was important for people to be aware they were now on the road, and he encouraged people to contact Corbet's Group with any feedback they had.