Riley Carkeet
Riley Carkeet

38 demerit points: Is this 19yo Gympie’s worst driver?

A GYMPIE teenager who racked up an unbelievable 38 demerit points has been slammed as one of the worst driver’s a magistrate has ever seen.

Riley Colin Carkeet, 19, was pulled over on October 4 by a police patrol, whose checks revealed he had been driving while on a suspended licence, racking up too many demerit points.

Carkeet pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified in the Gympie Magistrates Court this week, where it was heard he had been suspended from May until October 28 this year.

Carkeet told magistrate Chris Callaghan a miscommunication was to blame for him being behind the wheel before the suspension ended.

He believed he had received a letter saying he was able to drive from September, and claimed he did not know he was still suspended, and that his parents would never let him drive had they known.


“Let’s talk reality,” said Mr Callaghan.

“You’ve got 38 demerit points over three years and you thought you wouldn’t be demerit point suspended?

“That’s absolute rubbish.”

Carkeet, who is still only on P plates, acknowledged his poor driving history and told the court he had “gone off the rails really bad” after turning 17, but was trying to turn his life around now.

At this point, Carkeet’s father stood up from the back of the courtroom and joined his son at the bench, asking to defend his son to the magistrate.

He told the magistrate he too understood the letters to mean his son was able to drive.

“I know he has a terrible record...,” he began saying.

“It’s the worst record I’ve ever seen of someone his age,” Mr Callaghan interrupted.

“I wouldn’t let him drive any car I own.”

“He’s a good driver, but he speeds,” replied Carkeet’s father.

“He’s not a good driver; he has 38 demerit points,” said Mr Callaghan.

Mr Callaghan said the mandatory sentence for Carkeet was a six months driving disqualification, nothing less or more.

“If I was allowed to go higher than that I would have,” he said.

“Pull your head in.

“There are rules we’ve all got to comply with while driving on the road, you haven’t been complying with those rules at all.”

Carkeet was also fined $450 and no conviction was recorded.