38C then ‘rain everyday until Sunday’

SCORCHING conditions across Gympie region today are expected to change dramatically overnight, delivering a mildly warm and wet week, with significant chances of rain every day through to Sunday.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts dry, oven-like conditions across the region today with sunny conditions and temperatures expected to reach 38C.

But that is forecast to give way to cloudy conditions, with an 80 per cent chance of showers and a possible storm tomorrow, with temperatures ranging from 23C to 33C.

The region can expect a continuing trend to lower temperatures on Wednesday (21C to 29C), with an 80 per cent chance of showers.

A similar temperature range and a shower or two is the forecast for Thursday.

Friday is predicted to bring temperatures from 21C to 31C, with a shower or two.

And that is also the general picture for the weekend, with a shower or two predicted for both days and temperatures ranging from 22C to 30C on Saturday and 22C to 29C on Sunday.