DRINK: A woman was caught four times over the alcohol limit.
DRINK: A woman was caught four times over the alcohol limit.

40-year-old’s ‘poor’ decision four times over limit

A 40-year-old said she made an "extremely poor" decision when she was caught more than four times over the alcohol limit while in operation of her car a court heard.

Natalie Mayall pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court to being in charge of a car while under the influence of liquor.

On February 23 Mayall was found by police in the driver's seat of her car with the keys in the ignition at the Boyne Plaza.

Police prosecutor Kelvin Boyd said Mayall was unable speak clearly and there was a strong smell of liquor coming from herself and inside the car. He said police observed multiple drinks within the vehicle.

Mayall was taken to Tannum Sands police station where she admitted to drinking, was crying uncontrollably and returned a blood alcohol reading of 0.203.

Mayall told the court she had moved to Gladstone for work and was made redundant on January 31.

She said the next day she was offered work with Smit Lamnalco which she now undertakes.

"I was at the time feeling quite depressed and overwhelmed with the situation," Mayall said.

"Due to my concern about my future I made an extremely poor, out of character decision which I deeply regret."

She said she stopped drinking and had seen a psychologist.

Magistrate Dennis Kinsella said Mayall should use this incident as a crossroads and try to make a difference in her life.

"Life does deal you some pretty tricky cards," Mr Kinsella said.

She was fined $2000 and disqualified from driving for 9 months.

A conviction was recorded.