Gympie Magistrates Court, Gympie, where numerous peple face charges toady.
Gympie Magistrates Court, Gympie, where numerous peple face charges toady.

47 people to face Gympie court today

Today‘s court listings are published as part of News Corporation’s commitment to public interest journalism and are compiled from information made publicly available by the courts in each State and territory.

The list is a public record of people appearing before the relevant court and there is no suggestion whatsoever of any wrongdoing by anyone named in these lists.

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The following people are facing Gympie Magistrates Court today, March 4, 2021:

Agars, Amanda Jayne

Brown, Sarah Elise

Buckley, Damian Joel

Carter, Andrew James

Christensen, Gavin Kenneth

Coastal Pride Builders Pty Ltd

Conhur Pty Ltd

Deacon, Jamie-Lee William

Delroy, Andrew Morgan

Devlin, Shane Ross, Mr

Francis-Giffin, Amber Rose, Miss

Gent, Jake Joshua

Grace, Simon Leigh

Graham, Aimee May

Halcrow, Lucas John, Mr

Harnett, Nicholas John

Harvey, Luke Russell, Mr

Higgs, Sian Luke

Iddles, John Albert, Mr

Jack, Melissa Ann

Jones, Theresa Maree, Ms

Lambert, Ashleigh Renee

Lester, Stephen Thomas

Lloyd, Jesse William, Mr

Lovett, Dean Anthony

Martyn, Daniel George

Mcdermott, Terry Walter

Mcewan, Kyle William

Miller, Rose-Anne, Miss

Mott, Mistie-Lea Helen

Muir, Dale Justin, Mr

O‘Shea, Gregory Bernard

Pattersons Insurerbuild Pty Ltd

Pilton, Jan Allison, Mrs

Quinn, Leigh Kristopher

Retallack, Ian Clifford

Roberts, Jesse

Robertson, Leigh Harley, Mr

Schwind, Bradley Malcolm

Slade, Jason Robert, Mr

Smith, Gregory William

Staib, David Andrew

Ward, David Lee

Warne, Jason Scott

White, Tyson Daniel

Wilson, Wyatt Xavier

Wood, Michele Ann


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