ON THE ROAD: MP Glenn Butcher and Sharlene Makin at the Gympie Showground Pavilion.
ON THE ROAD: MP Glenn Butcher and Sharlene Makin at the Gympie Showground Pavilion. Scott Kovacevic

480 Wide Bay businesses get tax relief at lunch

MORE than two dozen of the region's small business owners joined State MP Glenn Butcher at the Pavilion yesterday for a spot of lunch and chat about tax relief for 480 businesses in the Wide Bay.

The Gympie meeting was the first in a "regional roadshow” designed to discuss the state's payroll tax budget changes with those affected.

Mr Butcher, the Assistant Minister for Treasury said the changes, which are part of a wider $885 million budget initiatives targeting of payroll tax, would be a boon for small businesses across the region.

"Payroll tax is the number one issue raised with me when I meet small business owners,” Mr Butcher said.

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Mr Butcher says small business are big winners with the new payroll tax changes. PeopleImages

He said the Government has listened to these concerns, and addressed them in the budget package which includes increasing the payroll tax exemption threshold from $1.1 million to $1.3 million and extending the 50 per cent payroll tax rebate for businesses who take on apprentices or trainees.


A 1 per cent payroll tax discount also applies to businesses where 85 per cent of the workforce is from outside the southeast corner.

"It doesn't sound like much, but for those small businesses... the extra $200,000 in their payroll certainly gives business now the security and the opportunity to grow those businesses,” he said.

"(It's) great news for businesses here in Gympie, certainly great news for regional Queensland.”

"(As of Monday) 1500 businesses will no longer... pay any payroll tax in Queensland.”

Whitsunday residents can seek assistance from the Australian Tax Office.
The State Government says empty wallets at tax time will be a thing of the past for 480 small businesses in the Wide Bay with their new changes. Contributed

Gympie Chamber of Commerce Secretary Sharlene Makin said the changes to the system were "positive” given the impost payroll tax could place on small businesses.

"It's invaluable having someone listen to what's really going on”.

Madill Mazda general manager Adam Madill said the forum was a welcome step, admitting that with the intricacies of payroll tax "I pretty much know the middle of the doughnut”.

"I like the fact they're going to the people.

"The roadshow concept is good... they can take our feedback back to Brisbane.

And it was also an eye-opener in other ways, Mr Madill said including providing greater detail on business tender opportunities with the State Government.