Mr and Mrs Claus will enjoy a good boogie to this top five list
Mr and Mrs Claus will enjoy a good boogie to this top five list Renee Albrecht

5 songs to get you into the Christmas mood

IF YOU'VE taken a walk down Palmerin St, there is no doubt you've heard the Christmas tunes blaring.

Some people live for Christmas carols and related songs, whilst others go into hibernation during the later weeks in December.

With just eight more sleeps until the big day, we look at the top five Christmas songs that would even get those grinches singing along.

5.Band Aid 1984 - Do They Know It's Christmas?

A song created in response to images of famine in Africa and recorded in a day, the message was considered strong enough to re-record in 2014.

Featuring Duran Duran, Kool and the Gang, U2 and Spandau Ballet amongst others, the cast is stellar and the song is on a similar level.

4. Wham! - Last Christmas

You'll notice a common trend on this list is fine vocals, so it should come as no surprise George Michael features on the top five.

The only thing better than the song is the film clip, which features some interesting fashion and a bucket load of snow.

3. Frank Sinatra - Let It Snow

Everything about this song is amazing.

From the late great Sinatra's incredible vocals to the swing backing, it is impossible to dislike this tune.

2. John Lennon - Happy Christmas

I have fond memories of holding a sparkler while this song played during my primary school Christmas performance, and the sentiment has stuck since.

This masterpiece highlights the genius of John Lennon, and his ability to connect with the wider audience.

1. Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You

Was it going to be any other song?

Mariah Carey can comfortably sit on her couch every December, knowing those royalties will keep plenty of food on the table.

A song that emphasises the range of her voice, as well as kicking into gear and lifting spirits. A genuine banger.