50 most cash-strapped QLD schools revealed


These are the Queensland schools with the least income.

An analysis of school finance data from the Federal Government's MySchool website has revealed how much money every school in Queensland made over a three-year period.

The most recent data from MySchool revealed Hinchinbrook Christian School was the Queensland school that made the least income in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

Hinchinbrook Christian School made a gross income of $521,202 over that three year period from government funding, parental contributions and other income sources.

Those figures do not include any deductions for income allocated to capital works or debt servicing.



Ropeley State School was Queensland's school with the second lowest gross income, making $855,069.

The third lowest gross income in Queensland was at Arcadia Valley State School which made $886,381.


Queensland's lowest income schools in 2015, 2016 and 2017

Hinchinbrook Christian School: $521,202

Ropeley State School: $855,069

Arcadia Valley State School: $886,381

Grosmont State School: $930,071

Cameron Downs State School: $934,410

Stonehenge State School: $941,423

Bymount East State School: $942,921

Lochington State School: $957,212

Pozieres State School: $960,195

Hayman Island State School: $977,527