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Aladdin the Musical is a production that has to be seen to be believed.
Aladdin the Musical is a production that has to be seen to be believed.

500,000 crystals, 337 costumes: this is Aladdin by numbers

IF YOU have ever tried to guess how much detail goes into creating a theatre production, you'd probably still need to triple your wildest guess then add a bit more.

Disney's Aladdin the Musical is a prime example of just how much thought, money and passion goes into creating such a spectacle.

From elaborate props and make-up, to sets more magical than you could dream of, this is a production you have to see to grasp just how spectacular it really is.

But to set the scene before you see it in action, here is Aladdin by numbers:   

Aladdin by numbers:

  • 34: number of cast members
  • 337: number of glittering costumes
  • 1225: the number of different fabrics used in the costumes
  • 712: different styles of beads used in the costumes
  • 500,000: Swarovski crystals used in the costumes
  • 40: tonnes of exotic flying scenery
  • 60: tonnes of automation and staging
  • 26: The number of 48-foot trucks it took to transport the scenery and sets to Brisbane from Melbourne
  • 8: The number of Oscar wins by music creator Alan Menken
  • 7: The number of Tony's won by the scenic designer Bob Crowley
  • 6: The number of Tony's won by the lighting designer Natasha Katz
  • 2: the number of Tony's won by costume designer Gregg Barnes
  • $500 million: The amount of money made by the original 1992 Disney film
  • Forever: the time you will regret missing this show if you don't get in quick.

Aladdin hits Brisbane's QPAC theatre from February 20 and if you're planning to see it, you need to get your tickets now before they sell out.

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