YOUR SAY: Puma Kybong would make the perfect RV park in the Gympie region according to one letter-writer, but there are others on the list too.
YOUR SAY: Puma Kybong would make the perfect RV park in the Gympie region according to one letter-writer, but there are others on the list too. Jonathan Wood Photography

6 hotspots you think should be Gympie's next RV Park

WHILE the wheels are officially turning on a planned RV park adjacent to the Mary Valley Rattler, not all readers agree the spot chosen to draw in the grey nomad tourist dollar is the best fit for the region.

The project, that has been on the boil since 2017, rests on the success of the development application, which needs to clear the planning process - including referral and information requests, before it opens for public comment.

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Gympie Old Railway Station, Tozer St
Gympie Old Railway Station, Tozer St Google Maps

Some readers praised the planned park's close proximity to town, but one reader could foresee an issue:

"The problem is the traffic that comes from the high school and the aquatic centre of an afternoon and in the morning, entering Tozer St," Karri Bunter said.

"I think it would be difficult during busy times. Closer to Mary St would be better or the council needs to run a shuttle bus down to the main street."

Jenny McIntosh said it was essential to cater for this market.

"Caravanners usually bring business to the towns they stay in. Whether it be breakfast at a cafe, fuel, coffee, groceries, vehicle services. Being caravanners ourselves we always try to support those towns that support us. Easily found and accessible caravan parking is also a positive for towns," Ms McIntosh responded on The Gympie Times Facebook page.

"Gympie needs things that will bring visitors especially once the bypass happens."

Keava Lucas did not believe it was essential for a park to neighbour shops.

"I don't understand why majority of people believe it needs to be within walking distance to shops. They have transport and will drive from a free camp to town/shops. Yes, even people in motor homes and campervans," she said.


The legendary Matilda statue at Puma Kybong.
The legendary Matilda statue at Puma Kybong. Jonathan Wood Photography

A flood of RVs recently spotted parked at Puma Kybong put the topic back in the spotlight when Gympie letter-writer G Penrose suggested the commercial rest area - that is home to the legendary Matilda statue - as the perfect RV attraction.

"The Matilda area looks absolutely suited to a RV Park. It is an easy drive from Brisbane or Bundaberg or Toowoomba," G Penrose wrote.

"It is set up with all facilities, play ground, commercial plumbing, commercial electrical supply, currently fuel and food outlets. And lots of space."


This ignited the discussion among readers, who put forward five hotspots that would draw in passing caravanners.

FULL STORY HERE: Next stage of Gympie new RV park plan under way

Here's the top suggestions from readers for a Gympie RV park, that you can vote for in the poll below:

Which is the best place for an RV park in Gympie?

This poll ended on 28 July 2019.

Current Results

Youth Precinct, Nelson Reserve


Six Mile Rest Stop


Lake Alford


Gympie Showgrounds


Archery Park


Puma, Kybong


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


Youth Precinct, Nelson Reserve
Youth Precinct, Nelson Reserve Google Maps

Danny Raynel: "Where the youth precinct is going so they're close to Mary St and can spend their money where it is sorely needed."



Six Mile Creek Rest Area
Six Mile Creek Rest Area Google Maps

Kaye Godbee: "Six Mile - where it is now. Always full so why change it? An upgrade would help."

Laurel Edwards: "Six Mile is good as an overnight stop but people won't unhitch and go to town and spend money."

Gaylene Johnston: "Perhaps in a location that doesn't flash flood would be better than the Six Mile. Just a thought as some travellers might not be aware of how quickly the Mary can come up and flood that section."



Lake Alford
Lake Alford Google Maps

Henry Kemp: "At the duck ponds its close to town where glampers spend."



Gympie Showgrounds
Gympie Showgrounds Google Maps

Laurel Edwards: "The showgrounds is the perfect spot. There are already facilities there. People will unhitch and go to town to spend money."



Archery Park, Gympie
Archery Park, Gympie Google Maps

With a dump point for sullage waste from mobile homes adjacent, this was an easy suggestion from reader Nicole Ballard.