Catrina Sorrensen and daughter Joei-leigh.
Catrina Sorrensen and daughter Joei-leigh. Contributed

6 of Gympie's 'World's Best Mums'

THERE are many lucky children, grown and still growing, getting around the Gympie region, according to our readers ahead of Mother's Day tomorrow.

While we knew it wasn't exactly a question that could be answered without bias, the response was overwhelming and touching when The Gympie Times asked on Facebook: "Who's got the best mum in Gympie?"

From their selfless acts to being their best friends, Gympie sons and daughters could not praise their mothers enough.

Andrew Los with his mother Marie-Therese Los
Andrew Los with his mother Marie-Therese Los Contributed


Andrew Los described his mother, Marie-Therese Los, as his guardian angel with wisdom in abundance.

"She's worked hard her entire life, overcome seemingly impossible obstacles and continues to smile every day despite the hardship she's endured. Wouldn't trade her for the world.

"No one could've raised me better, and I'm incredibly proud of her."

Rosie Stolzenberg said the title of world's best mum belonged to her mother, Jean.


Rosie Stolzenberg says her mother Jean (pictured) is
Rosie Stolzenberg's mother Jean. Contributed

"She's constantly helping others in a loving, selfless way. My mum has always been there for me and her grandchildren.

"She loves us all unconditionally and is an angel on Earth. Her heart and home are always open."


Retired nurse Jenny Orcher.
Retired nurse Jenny Orcher. Contributed

Rachel Ogilvie said there were so many incredible mothers in the world but paid a special tribute to her mother, Jenny Orcher.

"Mum has been a nurse since she was 17, has worked her backside off, now retired, has always made sure she could help when I needed it.

"(She) is there to help me look after my kids so I can work or get things done. I know she loves me and I hope she knows how much I love her and appreciate her."


Karen and Tiarna Hampton
Karen and Tiarna Hampton. Contributed

Tiarna Hampton was brimming with pride for her mother Karen Hampton, who she said was not only her best friend but was one incredibly hard working parent.

"She never sits still and is always there whenever you need her. I've never been so proud of somebody in my life.

"She brings joy to my life and many others too. I would give her the world."

Joei-leigh Sorrensen praised her mother, Catrina Sorrensen, who raised her as a single parent, for being her biggest supporter, soulmate and best friend.


Catrina Sorrensen and daughter Joei-leigh.
Catrina Sorrensen and daughter Joei-leigh. Contributed

"I couldn't imagine how hard raising a child on your own would be but she's absolutely smashed single mum life.

"It takes a strong mother to be a father too and all that I am, I owe to her. Forever my biggest inspiration."

Rachel Marsh said there was no more kind-hearted, selfless and generous soul than her mother, Tammy Marsh.


Tammy Marsh, pictured with one of her daughters.
Tammy Marsh, with one of her daughters. Contributed

"This woman goes above and beyond and has an absolute heart of gold. Words can't describe the love I have for this woman."