Join in our latest competition to win some great prizes!
Join in our latest competition to win some great prizes! Contributed

6 things you didn’t know about Bingo

IT'S a game making a comeback. As well as pubs and clubs, bingo has found its way into your local newspaper. 

To celebrate our latest Bingo competition with more than $4500 worth of prizes up for grabs, we've sought out six things you may not know about the game. 

  1. It used to be called Beano. Invented in Italy about 1530, it was first known as the lotto game before it made its way to France in the 1770s and to America in the 1920s where it became Beano because people would use beans to cover the numbers. The name later changed to Bingo supposedly when someone yelled Bingo! by mistake. 
  2. You may be familiar with legs eleven and two fat ladies, but every number from 1-90 has a unique phrase. 
  3. Bingo was used in Germany in the 1800s as an educational game to teach maths and spelling to students. 
  4. Bingo is great for the brain. Bingo players generally perform mental tasks faster than those who don't play - and speed and accuracy are their forte. 
  5. In a standard bingo card, a player can come up with 1,474,200 different winning combinations.
  6. Bingo can offer up some fantastic prizes, like our latest competition.

If you didn't get your bingo card inside Friday or Saturday's paper, they'll also be inside this Friday and Saturday editions. Once you have that, you're set to play. 

Each day we will run 10 numbers in the paper. Cross these off in the corresponding week on your card. Once you have all numbers for that week, you have Bingo!

Phone the 1900 number on your card to register your bingo and you'll be in the draw to win that week's prize. A new game starts every Saturday. 

One of these prizes will be won in your region each week - a $1000 fuel voucher, $1000 Visa debit card, a $1000 travel voucher and a $1500 grocery voucher. 

There will also be a second chance draw with a whopping $5000 cruise voucher on offer for one lucky winner across the Australian Regional Media footprint.  Head HERE for more information.