$690,000 for Qld dams re-stocking

AGRICULTURE, Fisheries and Forestry Minister John McVeigh has announced a $690,000 restocking of Queensland dams with fingerlings.

Mr McVeigh said the funding was part of the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme.

"The SIPS provides a sustainable, world-class freshwater fishing option for recreational fishers," Mr McVeigh said.

"Stocked impounded waters such as dams need to be continually replenished as most stocked species will not reproduce.

"Most of the popular dams in Queensland are stocked each year with fingerlings and under the scheme, fishers pay a fee to fish at any of the 32 registered dams across Queensland.

"Three-quarters of funds from the sale of permits goes to community stocking groups throughout Queensland to buy native fish fingerlings and for other activities aimed at enhancing the fishery.

"Species stocked include barramundi, golden perch, silver perch, Australian bass, Mary River cod, Murray River cod and saratoga."

Each year, the sale of permits from the financial year is divided among all 32 dams on the scheme.

SIPS permits can be bought online via the Queensland Government Gateway, through Fisheries Queensland or from small business outlets.

A weekly permit costs $7.70, a yearly one $38.60 and a concession $33.55.