7 gruesome weekend emergencies ambos were called to

1. Mistaken gun shot

GOOD luck came between a Gympie teenager and death on Friday night, in a pedestrian car crash which was initially reported as a gunshot.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the incident, reported at 10.02pm, was initially thought to have involved a shooting, but this had turned out to be not the case.

The sound of the crash seemed to have been mistaken for gunfire, she said.

Ambulance officers attended the scene and found a female pedestrian had been hit by a vehicle in Baker St.

No-one was transported to hospital after the incident, the spokeswoman said.


2. Teen severs thumb

AN URGENT incident was reported on Saturday just after 1pm when emergency crews were called to Exhibition Rd, Southside, after a youth was in a serious power saw injury.

The young male, reportedly aged 17, is believed to have severed his thumb in an incident at a private home.

It was reported as a "thumb cut off with a power saw" to emergency services.

He was transported to Gympie Hospital in a stable condition.


3. Allegedly cut during argument

POLICE are investigating an alleged wounding where a person was cut during an argument in Kenilworth on Saturday night.

Emergency services were called to an Elizabeth St address about 8.30pm where a person sustained an upper limb injury.

Another person was also hurt in the alleged assault.

A Queensland Police Service media spokesman said a man and a woman were sitting in a car when another person nearby confronted them.

"The person was loitering nearby and an argument broke out and the person was cut somehow," the spokesman said.

"There's no one in custody but investigations are ongoing.

"They're still at large."

The injured person was taken to Nambour General Hospital in a stable condition.

The other person was assessed but declined transport.


4. Teen hit by car

A TEENAGER suffered lower leg injuries when he was hit by a car on Eel Creek Rd in the region's south west on Saturday night.

He was taken to Gympie Hospital in a stable condition following the 11pm incident, a QAS spokeswoman said.


5. Pedestrian incident

A WOMAN in her 30s was taken to hospital after an incident on Station Rd in Gympie late Friday night.

Paramedics were called to the scene after it was reported a "pedestrian was bleeding after running in front of a car", but those details could not be confirmed by QAS, a spokeswoman said.

The woman was in a stable condition when she was taken to Gympie Hospital at 10pm, the spokeswoman said.


6. Midnight crash

A MAN in his 40s was taken to Gympie Hospital after a single car crash just after midnight on Saturday night.

The crash occurred on Scrub Rd at Theebine.

The man was in a stable condition, a QAS spokeswoman said.


7. Two car crash

FOUR people involved in a two car crash on Wickham St at 8pm on Friday night were assessed by paramedics.

None of the people required transport to hospital, a Queensland Ambulance Spokeswoman said.