Jodi Boucher in action for the Cats women last weekend.
Jodi Boucher in action for the Cats women last weekend. Connor Peckitt

7 top performers of the Cats' first win of the season

Aussie Rules: The aim of Gympie Cats women to play finals footy is right on target after their 143-point win over Maryborough on Saturday.

Last year was a struggle for the Cats who missed finals footy and the player numbers were not high.

"We struggled with everything last year,” Cats coach Tony Kirsopp said.

"On the weekend we had 20 players which was great.”

AFLW Gympie Cats - Sophie Jones
AFLW Gympie Cats - Sophie Jones Connor Peckitt

Maryborough travelled to Gympie with just six players.

"We know Maryborough are struggling but credit to them for still turning up to play,” Kirsopp said. "Six of our girls played on the Bears side and it was a tough contest. We made them work for it.”

Despite a team effort from the Cats, there were seven players who stood out for the first game of the season.

"Jodie Boucher kicked five goals in her debut game. She was very good,” Kirsopp said.

"She is fit, small and agile. She played rover and she was just everywhere.

AFLW Gympie Cats - Rachel McAuliffe
AFLW Gympie Cats - Rachel McAuliffe Connor Peckitt

"Alesha Thorne had a stand-out performance and she took a few cracking marks. Rachael Harratt and Shaylee Dennis were both new to the ruck and they went head to head and made each other work for it. Shaylee is an agile player and can play a few different positions.”

It was not just the debutantes performing, the senior players helped organise the plays and allowed the team to come together.

"Sophie Jones and Rachel McAuliffe maintained the centre position and they stepped it up. They changed between and did what you would want from the senior group.

"Our utility Taylor Jardine was one of the best. She went from ruck to centre half-forward and centre half-back. These are three key positions and she nailed them all.”

Cats play Bay Power this Saturday, 2.30pm at Pork City Park, Maryborough.