MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Which Gympie region women inspire you?
MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Which Gympie region women inspire you? Contributed

8 Gympie superstar women who inspire us

AHEAD of International Women's Day tomorrow we asked our readers which women in the Gympie region are making a difference.

From dedicated education professionals to creative entrepreneurs - here's who you said should be recognised for their incredible work as a woman making a difference in the Gympie region.

In your words:

1. Jazmyn Smith

Aesthete Film and Photography Jazmyn Smith offering free portraits to same sex couples until the yes vote goes through.
Aesthete Film and Photography's Jazmyn Smith. Scott Kovacevic

"Within two years of establishing her film and photography business, Jazmyn Smith is landing corporate and international clients, employing young Gympie creatives, establishing collaborations with regional businesses and empowering women through inclusive artistic events.”

- Adam Bowman

2. Angela Green

Gympie West State School year 2 teacher Angela Green.
Gympie West State School year 2 teacher Angela Green. Contributed

"Angela Green is an amazing Year 2 teacher at Gympie West State School.

"She goes above and beyond for the children and families in her class, always has time and patience for all her students and is adored by every single child in her class.

"It is is a privilege to have such a passionate, caring lady teaching my child.”

- Kaylah Smith-crossley

3. Lynn Durai

Gympie Special School teacher Lynn Durai.
Gympie Special School teacher Lynn Durai. Contributed

"Lyn Durai from Gympie Special School is an amazing teacher who works hard to help all special needs children and their parents.

"The kids absolutely love her and she has a real passion for what she does.”

- Nickylee Buiatti

4. Jeanette Del Santo

Jeanette Del Santo
Jeanette Del Santo Contributed

"Founder and director of Windo Inc, Jeanette Del Santo is doing wonderful things.

"She is creating a thriving and collaborative society and culture supporting women of all ages particularly in the arts but also creating awareness of the importance of women in society.”

- Helene Anne

5. Bambi Gosbell

Gympie's Bambi Gosbell shooting the Blooms exhibition.
Gympie's Bambi Gosbell was named by readers as one of eight women who inspire women in the Gympie region. Renee Albrecht

"Bambi (is nominated) for her ability to have given pure joy to so many families and individuals through her photographic skills.”

- Anita Beasley

6. Kayleen Moss

Natalya Lee and Kayleen Moss celebrate winning the 2019 Young Citizen of the Year and Citizen of the Year awards respectively.
Kayleen Moss (right) was Gympie's Citizen of the Year winner this year. Josh Preston

"Kayleen Moss (is inspiring) for her commitment to making people's lives happier and healthier.

"Kayleen runs a number of fitness programs in Woolooga, Kilkivan and Goomeri which are greatly appreciated by the community members within these towns.”

- Lauren Ryan

7. Erin Morris

Kitiwah Place's Erin Morris.
Kitiwah Place's Erin Morris. Contributed

"Together with her husband Tony, Erin Morris from Kitiwah Place Early Learning Centre has been the driving force in developing and building a wonderful facility for early learning in the Gympie region.

"Hundreds of children have benefited from Erin's passion for early learning and her extensive skills, knowledge and experience in this area.”

- Anita Beasley

8. Bonnie Hollander

AWARD WINNER: Agents2go Bonnie Hollander won Agent of the Year for Queensland.
Agents2go Bonnie Hollander won Agent of the Year for Queensland recently. Contributed

"I nominate Bonnie Hollander from agents2go. You don't get to be agent of the year and agency of the year without being a very special and gifted person.

"Plus she donates her time and money to many deserving charities in the local region. She is truly a superstar.”

- Desleigh Barber

"I second this, Bonnie has gone above and beyond for myself and my parents, and regardless of her busy schedule she had always made the time for you and also worked over time to ensure we got the best possible outcome.

" Bonnie is such a kind hearted and compassionate person who cares about her clients and people in general.”

- Zoe Jack