Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times
Photo Renee Albrecht/Gympie Times Renee Albrecht

9 Croc Sightings in the Mary River

1. 1960s Chris de Vere saw a crocodile at Fisherman's Pocket. Back then the Mary River was tidal so more salt water was making its way up the river. Now the Mary River barrage, which is not far from the river's Hervey Bay estuary, generally stops the tidal entry of salt water to all points further upstream.



2. 1960s Wayne Gosley and his sister Dale Parker were photographed by The Gympie Times with the crocodile that was shot just north of Tiaro about about 60km from Gympie. Its skin was believed to still be on display in the museum at Bauple last year.

3. 2012 a saltwater croc was spotted in the Mary River at Maryborough.

4. October, 2014 near Maryborough close to the spot aptly named Saltwater Creek, 2m croc spotted.

5. November 2014, a 3.8m crocodile is captured and removed from the Mary River near Graham's Creek.

6. January, 2015, fishermen report seeing a crocodile in the Sandy Strait near Fraser Island.

7. July, 2015 confirmed sighting near Tiaro by the Tiaro Landcare Turtle Conservation Project the first "confirmed sighting" that far upstream in 50 years.

8. Wildlife officers investigate reported sightings of a croc in Bunya Creek, near River Heads.

9. November 23, 2017, near Tiaro another sighting reported to the Department of Environment and Heritage. Land based traps deployed near Grahams Creek upstream of Maryborough and a floating trap in the same general area.

10. Unconfirmed sighting at Gundiah in January 2016.