Abbott pledges to treat Greens with respect

APN NewsdeskPRIME Minister-elect Tony Abbott has pledged to treat all members of parliament with respect, leaving the door open to negotiating with The Greens to pass crucial reforms in the Senate.

Mr Abbott on Tuesday said the Coalition would move calmly towards repealing the carbon tax, including trying to pass it before the change-over in the Senate.

If the Coalition does plan to pass the changes to the carbon tax before then, it would require negotiations with Labor and The Greens - both of which have pledged not to support repealing the legislation.

Asked whether he would negotiate with The Greens to pass new laws or repeal old laws, Mr Abbott said he would "treat all members of parliament with respect and courtesy".

But he did not rule out negotiating with the minor party - negotiations which would be seen as markedly similar to those undertaken by Labor to form minority government after the last federal election.

Mr Abbott, who is yet to be officially sworn in as Prime Minister, reiterated on Tuesday he would wait to see what the Labor Party decided, despite ALP leadership front-runner Bill Shorten previously pledging to fight the changes.

Coalition environment spokesman Greg Hunt on Tuesday also confirmed the new government would push ahead with repealing the carbon tax before the new Senate is sworn in in July next year.

He said the issue was an "express, clear, absolute, fundamental election mandate" - causing a potential test for both Labor, which must decide whether or not to stand by its policy, and the Coalition, which could be forced into negotiations should Labor not back down.