Climate change labelled as cause behind our hottest year

CLIMATE change was behind the country's hottest year - and we're to blame.

The Climate Council says 2013 would have been cooler if humans were not around.

Council chief professor Tim Flannery said scientists could now tell what influence climate change had on heatwaves.

He said more than 100 hot temperature records were broken in Australia in 2013.

"Carbon emissions must be reduced rapidly and deeply if the worst of extreme heat is to be avoided," he said.

"Australians are already feeling the impact of climate change as Australia gets hotter.

"Hot days are happening more often while heatwaves are becoming hotter, longer and more frequent."

The recently released Quantifying the Impact of Climate Change on Extreme Heat in Australia report found the number of record hot days across Australia had doubled since 1960.

Report author Will Steffen said heatwaves in Australia were hotter, lasted longer, happened more often and started earlier.

"But the good news is that clean energy technologies, such as solar and wind, are advancing rapidly and are now competitive in price with fossil fuel technologies in many places and international action is ramping up," Mr Steffen said. - APN NEWSDESK