VALE KEN HAYES: Ken will be remembered as a true Aussie larrikin.
VALE KEN HAYES: Ken will be remembered as a true Aussie larrikin. Contributed

Country legend remembered as a true Aussie larrikin

REMEMBERED as a true larrikin and a family man at heart, Kenny 'Bloody' Hayes is someone everyone in Dalby knew and loved, and have sorely missed since his passing last week.

Born in 1937, Ken was one of ten kids, and grew up in tough times.

But it was these tough times that gave him his work ethic that he later passed on to his two children, Debbie and David.

Mr Hayes worked closely with his father during his time working and owning his own dry cleaning business, and said he has fond memories of coming straight from school to the shop to work beside his dad.

"We had a lot of good times together, and we had a lot of struggles together," he said.

"We learnt a lot about each other and we learnt a lot about customer service and business, and doing the right thing by people.

"He just had a simple outlook on life.

"He just stood up for what he believed in and he fought hard and he worked hard for whatever those beliefs were."

"Dad was a very hard working man and that probably stemmed from his upbringing," Ms Hayes said.

"My brother and I used to go to the shop after school and help dad work and that probably continued right through our teenage years that we all worked together as a family."

Ken's love of his community was expressed through his heavy involvement in all facets of Dalby life - namely in golf, bowls, squash and rugby league as president of the Colts Rugby League Club.

Ms Hayes said she would miss simply having her dad around.

"My dad always looked out for me and always wanted to make sure I was OK," she said.

"I'll just miss having that part of dad, and that reassurance."