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James Packer denied entry to his own casino

JAMES Packer was involved in an altercation with a security guard at his Crown Casino in Melbourne after the guard failed to recognise the mogul.

The guard, Dr Iskandar Chaban, had initially denied Mr Packer entry to the casino on New Year's Day, before the altercation.

News Ltd papers reported the 60-year-old guard was taken to hospital after collapsing on the way home after his shift.

Mr Packer and a senior Crown associate reportedly yelled at the guard and pushed him aside to enter the casino, but Crown said it was a minor incident and a misunderstanding.

Fairfax reported casino staff had radioed an important VIP was approaching, but Dr Chaban failed to recognise Mr Packer.

The casino said that the guard initially was suspended, but had been reinstated, and would receive training in relation to the altercation.

It is understood Dr Chaban has engaged a lawyer.