Performers from Limbo
Performers from Limbo Supplied

Limbo experience shows how far the human body can bend

SURELY human bodies were never meant to contort like they are in the Spiegeltent this month.

Limber is a vast understatement for the Limbo big-top experience.

This Brisbane Festival show is an exotic mix of outlandish circus skills, grandiose live music and flirtatious humour that will inspire awe and trigger sharp intakes of breath.

The circus-cabaret whisks the audience into a sinister netherworld - somewhere between heaven and hell as the show's title would have you imagine.

Contortionist Jonathan Nosan offers up cheeky grins as he manoeuvres his body in completely unnatural ways to a shocked audience.

He is seemingly possessed by the live score from marvel Sxip Shirey - a lively character with ferocious grey locks that look shocked into position - as he jolts around the stage between pretending he has no spine.

It is difficult to watch fire breather and sword swallower Heather Holliday.

But it is equally hard to look away.

Incredible strength and control must be required to perform the gut-churning aerial acrobatics and nail-biting feats of some of the other performers.

But they know it - flirting cheekily with those far below with the odd wink or eyebrow raise.

Every variety show should find someone who can tap dance with the speed and power of Hilton Denis - a true entertainer.

The fierce never-ending energy and sheer delight on his face must surely make every audience member smile or shake their head in wonder.

The funky tunes, punctuated with great sound from sousaphone- player Grant Arthur and a skilful beat boxer, provide an upbeat soundtrack to the feats on stage.

Limbo runs until September 27, but many of the weekend shows are sold out so get in quick.

Visit brisbanefestival. for more details.