Synthetic Drug ban goes Federal after Teen's death

THE sale of 19 synthetic drugs has been banned across the nation until further notice following the funeral of a Sydney teenager who died during an LSD-like trance.

Henry Kwan, 17, took a substance and told his mum he felt like the was "flying" before jumping off a roof last weekend.

As he was farewelled at a service on Saturday, the Federal Government moved to prohibit the sale and supply of popular synthetic drugs for 120 days.

Federal minister David Bradbury said on Sunday the interim period would give states and territories time to introduce new legislation banning all synthetic drugs.

The booming synthetic drugs market has given retailers an avenue to sell mind-altering substances legally.

Mr Bradbury said suppliers had shown they were willing to change brand names and packaging to get around bans made under consumer laws.

He said synthetic drugs were dangerous and could kill governments needed to ensure new laws made it impossible for the substances to "fall through the cracks".