A south-east Queensland boilermaker ran down his partner in the middle of the night.
A south-east Queensland boilermaker ran down his partner in the middle of the night. marrio31

A DV perp ran over his partner, then complained about jail

A SOUTH-EAST Queensland father who ran down his partner and assaulted the good Samaritan who came to the woman's rescue says spending four months in jail for the drunken attack is too much. 

Warwick District Court in July ordered Texas local William Thomas Potter to a total of three years in prison with parole eligibility on November 29. 

This means the boilermaker is likely to be released after serving only 16 weeks behind bars for the February 2018 "malicious" act of violence on the woman and her would-be saviour. 

However, 24-year-old Potter decided this sentence was too harsh and asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to reduce it. 

Potter and his partner were at a party where the father-of-two was extremely drunk. 

His partner decided to walk home at 1am. 

Shortly after she left, Potter called her phone and yelled "slut" when she answered. 

He also told party-goers that he would shoot her and himself if she cheated on him and that he was going to "run clean over the top of her". 

This is exactly what he did, leaving the party and chasing her down before driving his ute at her, slamming her in the back with the vehicle's bull bar. 

She fell to the ground and he drove the ute so it covered her body, stopping at a point where the bull bar was over her head, leaving the woman face down in a puddle and writhing in agony.

Another party-goer and his children came across the attack, with the man and his young daughter helping the woman to her feet and putting her into Potter's car. 

Potter became agitated, and grabbed the man by the collar with both hands, lifted him and pushed him against the vehicle, causing him back pain.  

The man's daughter intervened and for a moment Potter loosened his grip, before continuing the assault. 

Despite knowing his partner was in extreme pain, Potter refused to take her to hospital that evening or the following day. 

When she finally had the option of medical help, she was found to have damage to her spine as well as severe bruising and grazing. 

Potter pleaded guilty to all charges, with the sentencing judge taking this into account as well as his good work history, his youth and the fact that the victim remained in the relationship and supported him in court. 

However, the judge noted Potter's conduct was "appalling and exhibited callous disregard" for the woman's welfare. 

Potter disagreed with the judge's sentence and asked the Queensland Court of Appeal to release him in immediate parole.

The appeal judges on Friday released their decision, saying the three-year head sentence and parole release date would remain in place but they reduced the dangerous driving component to three months and the common assault to four months. 

Potter's licence has been disqualified for six months. - NewsRegional 

*For 24-hour domestic violence support  call the national hotline 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732.