A fair go for Gympie? With Labor in power?

Editorial by Gympie Times Editor Shelley Strachan

TONY Perrett has promised to be relentless in pursuing a fair go for the people of this region.

I have no doubt he means it, but how much can he deliver in Opposition?

Labor won't even allow an empty building to be used for a university expansion in Gympie for fear it will make Mr Perrett look effective.

The ALP in Queensland has promised that if re-elected it will spend $1 billion a year on the Bruce Highway and commit its 20% of funding for Section D of the Gympie Bypass.

Let's hope Labor keeps its promises and stops being petty about empty TAFE buildings.

Design of Section D should be finished early next year, so the clock is winding down when this all becomes a reality.

Labor Senator Murray White's article on P10 today claims the 10% swing against the Nationals in the state election was a wake-up call felt keenly in Canberra.

Fears that the Nationals' partnership with the Libs has weakened their effectiveness and support in the bush are justified.

The statistics don't lie: we die younger than people who live in capital cities, don't get paid as much, don't have access to the same health care, education or career opportunities. The list goes on. Perhaps more MPs should take a leaf out of Mr Perrett's book and put their money where their mouth is. Don't follow the pack; stand up for the regions.