Outspoken: Ian Petersen opposes the levee.
Outspoken: Ian Petersen opposes the levee. Craig Warhurst

Levee is a knee-jerk reaction

Ian Petersen's comment on the levee:

THE levee is a knee-jerk reaction by two or three people with very limited knowledge or understanding of Gympie floods and without proper consultation with the community and with council which would have developed a much better, more positive option to benefit the entire Gympie region rather than just the favoured few.

I believe the Aurecon cost benefit analysis is totally misleading due to inaccurate or irrelevant and still secret baseline data leading to a false benefit ratio and any very limited benefit will apply to only a microscopic sector of the region.

Any person believing this will not impact on rates is incredibly naive and must surely believe in the tooth fairy, because every ratepayer's dollar that is spent has an irrefutable impact on rates.

I voted against the levee on the above grounds but more importantly on my belief that in excess of 90% of the community is against the idea and I believe very strongly that councillors, as the level of government closest to the people, should listen to their constituents and represent them. This is actually mandated in the Local Government Act and reinforced by the CMC publication Ethics, Integrity And Elected Officials - Local Government.