AUTHOR: Roma Ravn, 85, has just released her biography dubbed 'Stories from a life well lived'.
AUTHOR: Roma Ravn, 85, has just released her biography dubbed 'Stories from a life well lived'. Philippe Coquerand

'A life well-lived' - Geologist relives life's adventures

IT'S definitely a life well-lived for Tin Can Bay author Roma Ravn, 85, who has just finished her biography filled with many misadventures and quirky happenings.

The book dubbed Stories from a life well lived delves into Ms Ravn's career as a geologist where she was the youngest and first female to be appointed to the government mines section and was sent across Australia prospecting and examining the areas.

Roma Ravn from Tin Can Bay.
Roma Ravn from Tin Can Bay. Philippe Coquerand

"It was unheard of for women to work as a geologist,” Ms Ravn said.

"They gave me a hard time when I applied for the job. I just finished uni and they said ... 'but you're a woman, we don't employ woman to do geo work' and I said "why, I am fully qualified.”

"... He said yes, but can you drive a truck”?

"I said, of course I can. The only thing I could think of was an international D-7.

"The man responded 'hmmm, well what about explosives, and I said "yes.”

She was then offered a six week trial to Cocklebiddy in Western Australia, but after two weeks, she completed the job and was back in Sydney.

Ms Ravn recalled meeting a geologist from England during her time in South Australia.

"You could tell he hadn't done much Geo work before,” she said. "... I hear this scream and he has come screaming out telling me ...'a crocodile, and I respond with 'what?”, and again he says 'a crocodile'... I respond with 'I don't think so, we're in South Australia, no crocodiles here,” and he's like 'it's this big'... it was a goanna.”

Ms Ravn has already published numerous books and is almost finished her next book set to be released in December.

"Roma and I run the local writers group and over the last couple of years it has been a habit for us to pick a subject each fortnight and we'd have a story written for that subject,” friend, publicist and fellow writer Raewyn Oliver said. "Our next book is going to feature all our short stories from hers and mine and we'll have that completed before Christmas.”

Stories from a life well lived can be purchased at Twiga Books or by contacting Raewyn on 0412 995 512.