Police blitz Earth Frequency Festival for small return

A MASSIVE police operation targeting drug use at the Earth Frequency Festival has come up short after only a handful of people were charged with offences.

More than 5000 people attended the four-day festival held over the weekend at Peak Crossing.

The extensive police operation saw 31 people charged with drug possession, 12 people with possessing drug paraphernalia and one with supplying drugs.

Festival organiser Paul Adad said he welcomed the police presence at the festival.

He said police told him eight motorists who were caught drug driving were local residents.

"We do everything we can to inform our patrons what the festival is about and what is acceptable," he said.

"Ultimately people take drugs at music festivals but it is also a much broader community issue.

Police conducted more than 2500 roadside breath tests but no one was charged with drink driving.

Twenty seven motorists were also caught drug driving.

Harrisville Police officer in charge Sergeant Matthew Thomson said 51 fines were also issued for a variety of offences including speeding, using a mobile phones and defective vehicles.

"These results are of significant concern to our community," he said.

"The effects of driving whilst under the influence of drugs can severely impact the ability of the driver, including their reaction time and inability to judge distance and speed."

Two people were charged with obstructing police while one person was charged with public nuisance.