Abbott tells member to take a stand

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott yesterday challenged Member for Capricornia Kirsten Livermore “to stand up for her electorate” and ditch the “toxic” carbon tax.

“If Kirsten Livermore is serious about being Capricornia's representative in Canberra, rather than just Julia Gillard's echo in Rockhampton, she will say no to this tax,” Mr Abbott said during a visit to the Rockhampton region yesterday.

Polls this week show hostility to the carbon tax may be softening, but Mr Abbott certainly wasn't compromising his position. He has warned Central Queensland has much to fear because its economy incorporates coal mines and energy-intensive industry.

“I say to Labor Members of Parliament in electorates that are going to be severely affected by the carbon tax, stand up for your electorates and stop making excuses for this toxic tax,” he said.

“I'm not far from the electorate of Capricornia (Paradise Lagoons), which has a cattle industry, it has a coal industry, which in particular is going be very severely prejudiced by the carbon tax.”

He said it was no formality the carbon tax would go ahead with a lot of unhappiness in caucus.

Ms Livermore said the Gillard Government was doing “something real about climate change” and she fully supported these actions. She said if she had been allowed into Mr Abbott's “public meeting” she would have asked Mr Abbott to confirm to the people of Capricornia that he intended to:

  • Rip tax cuts from 47,000 taxpayers in Capricornia
  • Rip assistance away from 11,000 families in Capricornia
  • Rip assistance away from 19600 pensioners in Capricornia
  • Give the money instead to big polluters