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Tony Abbott Chris Ison

Abbott says he'll own mistakes after internet filter fiasco

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has promised to take "full responsibility ... for every mistake that the Coalition makes".

Mr Abbott's unusual comments came after the Coalition was forced to back away from an internet safety policy it published on Thursday night.

The policy promised the Coalition would implement an "opt-out" filter policy, meaning government filtering would apply to all Australian internet use, unless people opted out.

But only minutes after news of the policy broke, Opposition communications spokesman Malcolm Turnbull said the policy was incorrect.

Mr Turnbull tweeted it was "not our policy and never had been", before hitting the radio airwaves, saying the policy was an error by Coalition campaign headquarters.

On Friday morning, Mr Abbott said the Coalition had made a mistake publishing the policy.

"We acknowledged the mistake. We corrected the mistake. It took about three minutes," he said.

Mr Abbott said the Coalition had never supported internet filtering, labelling the policy "a failure of quality control".

But in a comment which could come back to bite him in government, Mr Abbott then said he would "take full responsibility ... for every mistake that the Coalition makes".

"The buck will stop with me," he said.

The policy has since been changed to say the Coalition would "make available" filtering software for parents, but that "keeping children safe online is ultimately the responsibility of parents".