A man rushes to help the cameraman.
A man rushes to help the cameraman.

ABC cameraman faints live on air

An ABC cameraman fainted live on air this morning during an episode of Insiders.

Bill Shorten was being interviewed by Barry Cassidy when the camera that was focused on the Labor leader started wobbling up and down. Seconds later a large thud was heard as the camera man fainted in the background.

"Sorry, we're just going to go to a package and we'll come back to you," Cassidy said to Shorten. "We've got a bit of a problem in the studio."

After the package aired, Cassidy said, "just to explain what happened there, one of our camera men had a bit of an episode. He seems fine but we've got an ambulance on the way."

According to the show's executive producer, Australian netball coach Lisa Alexander was in the studio and administered first aid to the cameraman before paramedics arrived.

The cameraman is "doing fine", tweeted Bill Shorten after the incident.