‘Accidents happen’ says mum of boy locked in bus
‘Accidents happen’ says mum of boy locked in bus

‘Accidents happen’ says mum of toddler left on bus

A CHILDCARE centre is being investigated after a child was locked in a bus for six hours.

On Wednesday two-year-old Alijah Crane was left strapped into a child restraint six hours after he was picked up by Yass Little Learners in a company shuttle, driven by a new employee of two weeks.

Alijah was the only child on the bus for the morning pick-up, yet he was allegedly forgotten by the driver as he sat just metres away from a school full of teachers and students.

He was freed after being trapped in the bus for six hours in 28C heat and was treated for dehydration at hospital.

Alijah's mother Cassandra Brown-Crane told reporters that she had no ill wishes against the centre, as mistakes happen.

"I will remember this day forever and I'm so thankful he is healthy and alive," she said.

"Accidents do happen and sadly this could have been tragic, but it wasn't. My son is happy and healthy.

"I love this centre; it's a family here. I would really appreciate there's no slander made about it."

Police are investigating the circumstances that led to the child being stranded all day.

The child is lucky to have survived relatively unscathed after a number of children have died after being left in hot cars within the past year.

The temperature at Yass reached 28C on Wednesday, however medical professionals have warned the temperature inside a parked car during the Australian summer can be 20 to 30 degrees hotter than the outside temperature.

On a 29C day a car can reach 44C in just 10 minutes and a deadly 60C in 20 minutes.

The driver has been suspended and police are investigating.

Yass Little Learners advertised a search for a dedicated bus driver on January 21 and confirmed they had found a driver two weeks ago.

The centre stipulated the successful candidate should have a clear driving record for at least 10 years, a Class C license with no restrictions and current NSW working with children check.

The advertisement said the job would be suitable for a retiree, as it only required 4-5 hours per day for the morning and afternoon runs.

Yass Little Learners and co-owner Steven Grundy did not respond to requests for comment.