Adani rejects findings in controversial independent review

MINING giant Adani has rejected in full the findings of a controversial report crucial to the progress of its coal mine, claiming it still contains "false and inaccurate statements" and "hysterical claims".

The Department of Environment and Science sent Adani Australia the final version of an external review of its Black-throated Finch Management Plan on Monday evening.

Adani Australia has repeatedly called into question the independence of the external review considering the "anti-coal sentiments" of review chair Professor Brendan Wintle.

"To say we're disappointed in the final version is an understatement. The Department has ignored the feedback that we provided to them last week on the plan and has not addressed the issues we raised," an Adani Australia spokeswoman said.

"The final report still contains false and inaccurate statements about the management plan, including hysterical claims on local extinction, which directly conflict with the scientific advice the Queensland and Australian Governments have relied upon to date.

"We reject the report and its findings in their entirety."

A draft of the external review, released last week, strongly recommended the project not proceed until Adani is forced to implement a number of "enhancements" to the plan.

According to Adani Australia not much has changed between the draft report and its final version.


Lucas Dow poses for a photograph at the Adani billboard in George st, Brisbane CBD. Monday February 11, 2019. (AAP image, John Gass)
Lucas Dow poses for a photograph at the Adani billboard in George st, Brisbane CBD. Monday February 11, 2019. (AAP image, John Gass)


"We note that one of the few things that has changed from the draft to the final version, is the removal of formal references to the work of April Reside, a person who has been actively campaigning against the Carmichael Project for year," an Adani spokeswoman said.

"We remain committed to advancing our project and to this end we will continue to work with the Queensland Government so that these plans can be concluded and we can get on with delivering the thousands of jobs our project will deliver.

"One thing is for certain - we're not going anywhere. We're committed to the regions. We're committed to providing desperately needed jobs. We're committed to delivering the Carmichael Project for regional Queensland."


Professor Brendan Wintle. Supplied
Professor Brendan Wintle. Supplied


The Department of Environment and Science in a statement said it has offered to meet with Adani to assist in working through the panel's recommendations and to progress any revisions necessary to the black-throated finch management plan (BTFMP).

"While there is no statutory time frame for this to occur, DES has suggested to Adani that the above process be undertaken at the company's earliest opportunity," the statement noted

"The BTFMP is one of two environmental management plans that need to be approved before operations can begin at Adani's Carmichael coal mine.

"The other is the Groundwater Dependent Ecosystem Management Plan (GDEMP), which also needs approval from the Federal Government."