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Addicted to pregnancy tests, she started a YouTube channel

CORRINE did her first pregnancy test at 19 years old. At the time, she had no idea the impact the humble pee stick would have on her life. She was too busy worrying about what her boyfriend Matt would say.

"The test was positive. I ran to the drugstore and bought more pregnancy tests-a handful, at least-and returned to the bathroom to jam them all in a cup of my pee," she told US Women's Health.

"They were all positive-I was definitely pregnant. After I told him, Matt didn't say much to me for a solid week."

Despite the complications, Corrine found she loved the unique rush that came from peeing on a stick. By the time Corrine and Matt decided to try for baby number two, her addiction was in full swing.

"I became obsessed with checking my fertility with ovulation tests and then taking multiple pregnancy tests, hoping to get a positive result," she said.

"All day, I'd think about when I could test next, and I'd calculate my cycle over and over again."

She couldn't get enough of the excitement of finding out if she was going to become a mum again. "It was like Christmas morning for me," she recalled, "a head spinning combination of excitement, nerves, adrenaline and hope."

Although she suffered two miscarriages during this time, Corrine kept on testing, hoping to see those two blue lines. Of course, any women could tell you that pregnancy tests don't come cheap. Corrine's boyfriend even once told her "you're literally peeing on money."

The YouTube star estimates she's spent around $500 on tests. Each month she bought a pack of $10 ovulation tests for $10 and then a pack of 20 pregnancy testing strips for $6. If she got a positive test, Corrine also kept a supply of pricier First Response pregnancy tests on hand.

It was also during this time that she decided to start a YouTube channel to document her journey. "Some people may think it's strange to put something so private out in the public sphere," she said.

"But may viewers have been with me through all the ups and downs of the past few years. They honestly feel like family."

Even after she got at longed-for positive result, Corrine didn't stop. She says she continued to take pregnancy tests twice a day for a week after she found out she was carrying. She'd check "to see if the lines were getting darker," which she took "as an indication that the pregnancy was going well."

After a three year break, Corrine is excited to start testing again, as she and her husband try for a third baby. Initially reluctant to fuel her addiction, husband Matt now buys test for her. "After seeing how trying to conceive affected me emotionally, and the calm that I get from taking the tests, my husband understands" she said.

"He's even started buying them for me. It sounds silly, but it's the sweetest gift."

This article appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.