Kurt Tippett
Kurt Tippett Hamish Blair / Getty images

Adelaide gives up their first two AFL national draft picks

ADELAIDE has given up its first two picks in tonight's National Draft to try and soften the blow heading its way over the Kurt Tippett contract controversy.

The Crows will front the AFL Commission next Friday after allegedly breaching its salary cap due to 'under-the-table' payments made to Tippett.

It is expected the club will receive a major fine and loss of draft picks if found guilty.

But the Crows yesterday relinquished selections 20 and 54, leaving them with just 62, 81 and 95.

We are in ongoing discussions with the AFL," Crows chairman Rob Chapman said.

"This gesture forms part of those discussions and is made in good faith.

"There are pressing deadlines with the draft and our priority is to see Nick Joyce back on our main list. This will now happen at the Pre-Season Draft.

"So we see this as a pragmatic gesture made in good faith. It's all about seeking the best overall outcome for the Adelaide Football Club."

AFL Football Operations General Manager Adrian Anderson said he would recommend to the AFL Commission that Adelaide's actions be taken into consideration next week.

"The AFL welcomes the initiative from the Adelaide Crows Football Club in light of the decision by the AFL Commission to postpone the hearing into the Tippett matter until the end of next week, beyond the 2012 Draft," Mr Anderson said.