Donut King.
Donut King.

'Adulting' is rough but new donuts will make you feel better

DONUT King has just launched a new selection of fun, indulgent donuts as part of their Ungrown-Up Range, which acknowledges the fact that adulting is rough and not many of us are any good at it.

The new selections features 12 nostalgically-flavoured donuts that are sure to conjure up memories from customers' youth, and in turn, aim to make 'adulting' more bearable.

Donut King Clifford Gardens franchise partner Samantha Travers said the new range featured flavours that would resonate with customers.

"The range features nostalgic confectionery favourites such as jelly beans, strawberry rings and coconut ice that are topped onto our decadent donuts and are quite the sweet treat," she said.

"We have a feeling that customers of all ages will love the new range and all the youthful flavours from their past, and encourage all Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs locals to drop in and try one."

Donut King's Ungrown-Up Range is coined to create a buzz in the social space and will become a firm favourite for Toowoomba, Lockyer Valley and Darling Downs residents with a sweet tooth.

"Begging their parents for a donut outside a bright pink Donut King store is a childhood memory that would resonate with a lot of Aussies," Ms Travers said.

The novel range includes the likes of the Ice Ice Bae Bee, Donut Be Jelly, Rock My Wurl, The Last Straw, Tough Cookie, Smarty Pants, Unicorn-Fetti, Holey Caramoley, Nuts Over Hazel, It's Mint, The Big Apple and Slamington - all decorated to suit their respective name.

Ms Travers said that the new specialty donuts were an exciting addition to their product line and they were excited to introduce them to the community.

"The donuts are a fun, playful and creative addition to our current range, from their names, to their look and of course the delicious flavour profiles," she said.