Rockliff says he tried to convince best mate to stay

AFL: Brisbane Lions captain Tom Rockliff said he had tried everything he could to convince good friend and fellow midfielder Jack Redden to stay at the club.

Redden, originally from country South Australia, has one more season to go on his contract, but has asked to be traded this year.

Rockliff admitted he feared the worst.

"I don't think theres anything I can do to change his mind," the skipper said.

"His issues are with other things within the footy club.

"Reddo is my best mate, so it does make it hard when he says that.

"We have to have a look at the way we do things around the footy club and if he's upset, then we need to improve in some areas of our footy to make sure we can retain them and keep players happy."

The Lions have already told former captain Jed Adcock he won't be required after this weekend's final game against the Western Bulldogs, while ruckman and free agent Matthew Leuenberger is also likely to leave.

Rockliff said it was hard not to be concerned after five talented young players left the club two season ago, citing homesickness.

"That's the concern at the moment. When one goes, you're always worried," he said.

"And when you get to this time of the season there's always the 'is he going to go, is he not going to go' and there's speculation about a lot of players.

"Majority speaking, I think most of the group's happy."